10 Courses you might never heard that Exist.


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10 Courses you might never heard that Exist.

09 November 2018

Ten unusual university courses that youprobably didn�t know existed

Have you ever spoken to someone who has a job you�ve never heard of � and wondered how they got there? The chances are they took a non-standard route. Trying to find your way around the thousands of university courses can be daunting, so here�s our pick of some of the weirdest and wonderful � that are guaranteed to be a talking point�


1) Astrobiology

Do you want to be the person who discoverslife on another planet? Then head to Florida Tech, where you will studyplanetary science, extrasolar planets and the origin of life, as well as maths,physics and biology.

Graduates have gone on to work for NASA, theKennedy Space Center, Boeing and the Space Telescopic Science Institute.


2) Viticulture and Enology

Otherwise known as wine and wine-making. Ifthe idea of being an expert on grapes and growing makes you giddy, then thisone year Masters degree in Italy is for you.

Offered through the Universita Catolica delSacro Cuore, you�ll study everything from microbiology and marketing to climatechange and the Common Agricultural Policy.

If Italy isn�t quite to your taste, thenthere are similar courses in the US and South Africa; or if wine isn�t yourtipple then you could head to Scotland for an undergraduate degree inbrewing and distilling.


3) Turf grass Science

There�s a whole industry based around lookingafter grass � whether for golf courses, athletics fields, or groundsmaintenance. This degree, at Penn State University, includes both science andbusiness. You�ll learn how to create and maintain the perfect turf, as well asunderstanding sales, service and research.


4) Imagineering

From Disney to Google � turning creativeideas into a practical form is the lifeblood of some of the world�s mostsuccessful companies. This MBA is a serious business course, taught in Englishat Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. You�ll learnup-to-the minute skills around understanding customers, innovation andtechnology.


5) Cosmetics and body care

This wide ranging course from the Universityof Hamburg takes five years and includes both a Bachelors and a Masters degree.Taught in German, you�ll learn about dermatology and allergies, through tocultural history, colour theory and how anti-aging creams work.


6) Puppet Arts

The University of Connecticut offersundergraduate and postgraduate degrees in puppetry. Graduates have gone on tointernational careers � designing and performing for theatres, television andfilms. As well as learning about theatre production and puppet creation, youcan choose subjects like computer rendering for theatre, or theatre and humanrights.


7) Popular music

Griffith University in Australia says it willhelp you �Transform your passion for popular music into a lifelong profession�.Designed to help you perform, produce, write, record, manage, teach and more,you can choose to specialise in performance, technical skills, or management.If you�re looking for something more theoretical, you could always try a Societyat � where else? � Liverpool Hope University in the UK.


8) Surf science and technology

Want to combine your studies with yoursporting passion? Plymouth University in the UK offers a two year foundationdegree that examines sports nutrition and health, geographical and physicalinfluences, computer aided design, surf culture and � unsurprisingly � �surfpractice�.

More of a football fan? Then the Universityof Bedfordshire�s BA in Football Studies, where you gain coachingqualifications whilst learning about business and social issues, might be yourgoal.


9) Race Track Industry

Want to know about the business side ofmanaging a race track? Or are you more interested in racing and breeding?Either way, the University of Arizona has it covered with its Bachelors andMasters degrees in the Race Track Industry. Graduates are all over the USA andbeyond � as CEOs, presidents, directors, and racetrack managers; farm managers,stewards, breeders and trainers.

And it�s not the only course which lets youdevelop a niche in the leisure industry. Degrees like Theme Park Engineering in(of course) California; and Entertainment Engineering & Design in (ofcourse) Las Vegas just go to show that where�s there�s an industry, there�s adegree.


10) Gaming and graphics

Gamers: You actually can get a degree incomputer games. Admittedly, you probably won�t pass if you simply plan to stayup all night playing computer games. If, however, you like the idea of acomputer science degree from a respected university that includes 2D and 3Dcomputer graphics, image processing, perception, computational aesthetics,modelling and animation, then you might want to look at this course at theUniversity of Victoria in Canada.