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10 rare courses around the world

14 November 2018

If you are among those who don't get satisfied with quotidian things and wants to kick start your career in surprisingly unique, but interesting fields, we have something for you. Here's a list of some distinctive courses that you might have never heard about, but have a large scope in coming years.


Astrobiology is not merely a course at the University of Washington. In fact, it is a graduate program for which one can earn a PhD. Ecology, cosmology, geology, and imagination converge in a course that could be your first step toward a space odyssey. Future occupations include microbiology, environmental conservation, and Martian ambassadorship.


2.Entertainment Engineering & Design  

This course is deeply embedded in various overlapping scientific disciplines. The program itself will guide you through the very real and serious subsets of computer, electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering science. Future occupations include production engineer, design engineer and lots more.


3.Adventure Education              

This falls under the umbrella of Physical Education and its primary purpose is to provide applied training to those who will ultimately lead youth expeditions through forests, rivers, and mountains. A career may await you in any of a number of exciting fields, including national park-recreation, environmental education, outdoor adventure leadership, and of course, international secret espionage super-agency.


4.Arctic Engineering       

The graduate program is aimed at those who have already completed their undergraduate studies in engineering and who wish to apply this education to confronting the peculiarities of extremely cold weather design, construction, and operation. Future occupations include Program Manager, Design Engineer, Test Lab Technician, Materials Analyst, etc.



This lets you earn either a Master of Arts or a Master of Fine Arts degree. Within, you get the chance to design, construct, control, and cast puppets in real university productions. There is a whole lot more to puppeteering than simply untangling the strings on a marionette.


6.Fermentation Sciences

This program combines the various dimensions of both brewing and winemaking to produce an interdisciplinary course of study. Instruction focuses on the agricultural, industrial, and commercial processes. The students will engage every part of the process from farm to market. One must have a passion for chemistry, a feel for biology, and an entrepreneurial spirit.


7.Nautical Archaeology

 This program’s mission is to study lost civilizations. The primary focus is on training archaeologists to become divers, rather than teaching divers the principles of anthropology and archaeology. Students are also required to learn the principles of archaeological conservation, with primary emphasis on the treatment of waterlogged artifacts.


As a degree-holder, you would be in a unique position to help lead the fight against hunger, to find innovative new ways of farming responsibly or to set off a new health craze. Prerequisites for this course include an interest in agriculture and a mind for hospitality.


9.Master of Science in Foresight

This degree program is designed to produce professionals with the ability to inform intelligent long-term corporate practices. Program participants will learn how to incorporate quantitative and qualitative findings to produce a set of forecasts in the face of otherwise dramatic and unpredictable events.


10.Comedy: Writing and Performance

This program merges the composition and performance of humor with a focus on the business of selling laughs. In addition to practical training in stand-up, improv, sketch comedy, and material development, the program will provide students with regular exposure to prominent area showcases.


With the everyday rise in their demand, these courses are gaining attention among the youth worldwide. Pick the one of your choices and make your resume more attractive and of course, even more astonishing.


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