Indian Education System Needs A New Approach


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Indian Education System Needs A New Approach

10 November 2018

India has a long history of rich education and it has always been a torchbearer amongst the civilizations of the world. But none of the Indian higher education Institute features in the top 100 QS rankings. Where this is a major disappointment for ace students, don’t you think this is again a major failure for a country of this size and caliber.

With 850 universities (as of April 2018) and 42,026 colleges, India is one of the biggest networks of higher education institutes in the world. Government is aiming at raising the gross enrolment ratio to 30% by 2020. Do you think with the kind of education system we will be able to give quality education to an army of bright minds in the coming years?  

It’s high time that we carve out a robust education policy for future India. Research and skill enhancement learning approach should be focused upon. Let us discuss 5 ways that will help India improve its education system

1. Skill-Based Training: School should start allowing skill training. The best way to train students on the basis of their area of interest. Say for example a student is good at making music he/she should be encouraged to prepare for sound and music engineering which is also one of the tops offbeat career people are going for these days.   

2. Free Computer Classes: In an era of information technology basic computer learning should be everybody’s right. Education is incomplete with computer knowledge. Computer knowledge will help students understand the subject better and visual learning will help the students retain better.

3. Trained Teachers: Need of the hour is to prepare or train the teachers in such a way that they raise the teaching standards in India. Best teachers can be made by reforming the curriculum for teachers in India rather than expecting born teaching skills in teachers. One of the recent examples is TheTeacherApp which is a non-profit organization whose aim is to clear the concepts of the Indian teachers and help them learn and grow at their pace at zero cost.

4. Educating Parents - Parent shouldn't be given a pass on education. Schools and colleges are not to be held accountable for unteachable kids. Parents should find out what are their kids interested in and help them grow in that field or help them grow their interest in a particular field. Parents should take the help of portals like to find the specific course or college as per the interests and skills of their children. You would be surprised to know that there are courses like Game Tester, Wine Taster, Marine Microbiologist or in that case the famous Wildlife Photography which was opted by Farhan in 3 Idiots.

5. e-Library - With the rapid increase in the usage of internet in India, supporters of e-learning have been actively developing technologies and tools to promote it. The portal like is also working on the same concept where they are developing a robust technology to allow remote education (Courses/Institutes) accessible to the students anywhere in the world. e-library will give the access of potential resources to the students without any delay at the nearest physical library and with a range of search options.

Ancient Indian Education System had a marked impression around the globe once. Don't you think reforming the education can achieve another milestone in the history of education, rather creating the future of education? So let's join hands and work our ways to take Indian education to new heights!