New Zealand introducing Fees-Free Education! INTERESTED?


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New Zealand introducing Fees-Free Education! INTERESTED?

10 November 2018

With the advent of Labour's election campaign, Ms. Ardern (Current Prime Minister) was strongly supporting one-year of fee-free study, which would be phased in over several years to extend the policy to 3 years by 2024.  

While it all sounded like a voter's dream, New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern went on to stun everyone by fulfilling her promise and confirmed that in 2018 students who have completed less than six months of higher education after school will pay nothing for the 1st year of the tertiary education.

The fees-free education is accessible to the students who will opt for government recognized tertiary education organization (TEO) which includes technology and polytechnic institutes (ITPs), universities, private training establishments (PTEs), Wananga, and industry training organizations (ITOs)

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Where this policy is proving to be a boon for the students and their families there are people who believe that the hasty nature of the announcement didn't give time to estimate the affordability of the policy for the government per se.


  • The policy will help the enrollees to reach their potential by training and development.
  • The policy will prepare the enrollees to face the modern workplace.
  • The policy will not only open doors to young people finishing schools but also to the people who are working.
  • The policy will simply improve the affordability.
  • Student debts will go down as they will borrow less to cover the fees.


  • The rushed decision left the question on the actual cost of the policy to the taxpayer.
  • The course fee is not a concern but the future obligation.
  • The policy may increase the mismatch of skilled labor say for example over qualified electricians.
  • An uncertain budget for the government and institutes.

Questions are many but only the time will tell if the policy will be a success or a disastrous failure. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that the policy survives and set an example for all the countries that education is a RIGHT and everyone should be given that right regardless of rich or poor, caste or creed etc.

New Zealand's education system is for the students who are looking for flexibility, and choice. The country has always been open for the international students and now with the introduction of the new fees-free policy for the tertiary education you should consider New Zealand for a great country to pursue your further studies. For more information visit