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Brain is the most crucial organ however we are not exercising it on a daily basis. Therefore, Estudentbook Team has designed exceptional program at free of cost under the guidance of eminent psychologist that will give benefits in our future by balancing both left or right brain.

A Little Bit Of Brain Exercise

Exercise your brain by solving some tricky and amazing questions. Evaluate what you know and learned yet.

Train your brain

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Answer all the questions correctly and feel like the king of quizzes. Each question is a hurdle to cross.

Train your brain

Oops. I Am Too Smart

Let your competitors getting jealous and impress your friends with your smartness by showing them your quiz scores

Train your brain

Not A Bookworm But a quiz worm

Instead of reading the GK book all the time, let’s play some quizzes and make learning a fun part

Train your brain
Brain the most complex and vital organ!

What's the most complex machine you can think of? A space shuttle? A submarine? A supercomputer? Well, no, if we're capable of building these utmost complex machines then our brain must be much more complex than all these machines. Our brain is the primary organ in our body, it enables us to think in and perform day to day activities. Who tells you you are hungry? Who tells you, You are thirsty? Who tells you it's night? It's the brain that tells you all that you know! The brain performs a countless number of functions. All of us can survive without eyes, without years but none of us can survive without a brain! Hence the brain is such a vital and complex machine.

If you want to gain physical fitness, what do you do? You generally start doing some of the other physical activities. You probably start playing sports or might go to the gym. The gym is the best place to work out and gain physical endurance. However, does the most complex organ in your body not need a gym? Does your brain not need any warmth or any form of exercise? The simple answer is yes, your brain does require exercise, to warm up and then perform better. For this reason, eStudent Book brings to you the brain Gym. The Brain Gym is a place where your brain is given several kinds of exercises , this makes the brain stronger and Sharper!

What are the functions of the brain?

The brain occupies a tiny bit of space in your body, however, it performs functions that no other machine in the world can perform. The brain is divided into 2 major parts, the cerebrum, and the cerebellum. Both these organs perform several vital features that are necessary for survival.

Do you remember what you ate last night? How is that possible? There must be someplace in your body, where this information is stored right? Well, the storage and memory unit of your body is the brain! The brain has a memory unit in it, where any information you acquire is stored. So then, how does the information reach the brain? Well, that is the work of neurons and the neural network. The neural network's job is to carry information from the sensory organs( eye, nose, ear, mouth, skin) to the brain. The neural network also carries the orders by the brain back to the sensory organ and hence we react accordingly! Ahh, didn't that sound so complex? Well, the brain indeed is that complex. To gain physical fitness, we head to the gym. Do you not think the brain also needs some activity to maintain its well being? The brain also does need frequent polishing. This helps in sharpening the memory and this will, in turn, help you to excel at your academics! A person with creativity in the head is capable of doing wonders! Each child has lots of caliber within them, they just need to be polished, groomed, and sculpted In the right way. The Brain Gym helps the brain to activate itself and then absorb knowledge quickly!

The functions of the brain are

  • Coordination of different organs and maintenance of the balance of the body
  • Controlling involuntary actions
  • Thinking
  • Storing information

The brain has several functions, sharpening the brain using the brain Gym would definitely help In activation of the brain and helping it in functioning quickly!

What is the use of the brain Gym?

When you go to the gym, you firstly warm-up and then put your muscles into action. Similarly, the brain Gym helps you to warm up your brain before starting off with the actual curriculum studies. Studying without warming up your brain is pointless since, by doing so, nothing is going to get into your head. However, by warming up using the brain Gym, you'll be able to understand your academic curriculum much easily and at a quicker pace!

What is the brain Gym?

Now that we've talked so much about the brain Gym, you must be eager to know what actually is the Brain Gym. The Brain Gym is a series of short quizzes, logical reasoning questions, and puzzles. Anything that will make you think comes under the brain gym. The petty quizzes are in the form of games which you would love to play. We're sure that you shall not see the brain Gym as a part of your curriculum but you'd see it as a fun activity!

How would the brain Gym benefit you?

As we have talked about earlier, the Brain Gym can help you in several ways. Listed below are few ways the brain Gym could benefit students:

  • Sharpen the brain and increase the IQ level
  • Will in turn help in increasing the marks scored in academics
  • This Will lead to the overall development of the smartness of a child
  • Will make children think at the right angle instead of letting them being diverted
  • Will develop rational and logical thinking in children
  • Will improve analytical skills and also make the young minds more creative.
Some Fun Facts About the complex machine in our body: The Brain
  • The brain has infinitely many numbers of neurons.
  • The brain can be divided into two parts, the left, and the right brain. Both the parts of the brain have different functionality. That's the level of complexity of the brain!
  • The brain has 2 types of memory, one is the short term memory and the other is the long term one!
  • One of the functions of the left brain is to continuously dump the unused information from the brain.
  • One of The right brain functions is to learn new information. It is believed that the brain can learn new information in microseconds.

So don't you think, the brain is the most complex machine in the world? Life isn't even possible without a brain! When you pay loads of money per month to use the gym in your neighborhood then why not use the brain gym which is totally free of cost! Yes, it is totally free of cost! You can train your brain and sharpen it at absolutely no cost! So many benefits without any cost attached, sounds like a steal deal,isn't it!? Well, then why wait? Begin training your mind today and achieve a much stronger and Sharper brain!

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