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Study Abroad/ February,16 2024
University of Birmingham and Indian Institute of Heritage Forge Partnership in Heritage Studies

Through this partnership, students and experts from both the University of Birmingham and the Indian Institute of Heritage will have the opportunity to participate in various research projects. Additionally, the collaboration will facilitate student and academic exchange programs between Birmingham and Delhi, enriching the educational experiences and fostering cross-cultural dialogue.

Study Abroad/ February,12 2024
SLIIT and Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka, Announce Undergraduate Scholarships for Indian Students

This initiative seeks to promote educational exchange and collaboration among nations in the region, providing eligible candidates with access to quality higher education opportunities at SLIIT.

Study Abroad/ February,06 2024
Exclusive Merit-Based Scholarships for International Students offered by St. George’s University School of Medicine 

This newly introduced academic merit scholarship complements the existing International Peace Bursary and Global Scholars Bursary, expanding the range of financial support available to eligible international students.

Study Abroad/ February,02 2024
University of Wollongong in India Opens Applications for Prestigious Computing Programs

Designed for a diverse group of graduates, the Master of Computing (Data Analytics) program is not merely an educational pursuit; it is a comprehensive exploration of the convergence between computing and data analytics. Beyond technical mastery, the curriculum emphasizes ethical considerations intrinsic to working in the dynamic field of data analytics.

Study Abroad/ January,29 2024
Study Abroad: Major Modification Made in Student Visa in Major Destinations; Read details

Let's take a quick look at what's happening in some popular study destinations. It's not just about paperwork and rules; it's about an exciting journey of learning and experiencing different cultures. 

Study Abroad/ January,26 2024
Emmanuel Macron: France Aims to Welcome 30,000 Indian Students by 2030

This exciting plan is not just about numbers; it’s about giving Indian students more chances to study in France. President Macron's idea is to make it simpler for Indian students to understand and be a part of the French education system. Initiatives like 'Campus France,' started in 2018, have already helped many Indian students get information and support for studying in France. 

Study Abroad/ January,23 2024
US Scholarships: Gateway to Global Education for Indian Students

Beyond financial support, scholarships provide a precious international experience valued by employers worldwide. They play a pivotal role in enhancing employability, adaptability, and global awareness, making education a powerful tool for personal and professional growth.

Study Abroad/ January,19 2024
IIT Gandhinagar and University of San Diego Join Forces for Academic Advancement

The collaboration introduces a range of joint programs, including Double Master’s Programs and Dual Degree Programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Specialized offerings such as Master’s in Engineering Management and Leadership aim to provide students with a well-rounded and globally relevant educational experience.

Study Abroad/ January,17 2024
TCS & Macquarie University Collaborate to Launch Cutting-Edge Research Hub in Australia

The thematic focus of the hub revolves around five key pillars: energy transition, carbon management, nature-positive future, circular economy, sustainable waste management, and climate adaptation and resilience. The primary objective is to formulate strategies that not only limit but also prepare for the challenges posed by future climate change.

Study Abroad/ January,12 2024
IIT Gandhinagar & University of San Diego Join Hands for Innovative Academic Research

A pivotal aspect of this collaboration involves introducing joint double master’s programmes and dual-degree initiatives, encompassing both BTech and master’s levels. Noteworthy courses in engineering management and leadership with collaborative executive education programmes will be at the forefront of this academic synergy.

Study Abroad/ January,08 2024
Updated Study Visa Policies: Recent Changes in Study Abroad Destinations

The post-pandemic period witnessed a spike in international student immigration, resulting in various challenges, primarily concerning accommodation, faced by several nations. Consequently, these countries have initiated stringent changes in their immigration policies, specifically targeting students.

Study Abroad/ January,02 2024
Unlocking Opportunities: List of Scholarships for Indian Students Eager to Explore Global Education

In recent years, there has been a remarkable resurgence in the interest of Indian students pursuing education abroad. Statistical data from the Ministry of Education vividly illustrates this surge, with the number of Indian students embarking on higher education journeys overseas escalating from 444,553 in 2021 to an impressive 750,365.

Study Abroad/ December,27 2023
University of Melbourne Introduces Rs.4 Crore Worth of Fellowships for Study Abroad

The University of Melbourne in Australia presents multiple scholarships and fellowships for aspiring students and researchers looking to pursue higher education or advance their academic careers:

Study Abroad/ December,20 2023
University of Birmingham Launches Rs 10.52 Crore Scholarships for Indian Students

Applications for international students aiming for the September 2024 intake are currently open. Aspiring students can access further details and apply through the official website- [https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/study/postgraduate/scholarships-and-funding/postgraduate-scholarships/scholarships-for-2024-entry].

Study Abroad/ December,17 2023
UGC Alerts Students and EdTech Platforms Regarding Unrecognized Foreign Courses

The advisory distinctly asserts that any foreign higher education institution offering programmes in India must obtain prior approval from the UGC. It urges students and stakeholders to be wary of enrolling in programmes that do not comply with these stipulations, ensuring their adherence to recognized and regulated academic pursuits.

Study Abroad/ December,10 2023
International PG Scholarship 2024: University of Sheffield Calls for Applications

What's unique about this scholarship is its hassle-free application process. No separate application is required! Eligible candidates meeting the scholarship's criteria will automatically receive the International Postgraduate Taught Sheffield Scholarship 2024. This scholarship primarily assists recipients by reducing their tuition fees, thereby lightening the financial burden of their academic pursuits.


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