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Education Column/ November,29 2023
Empowering Medical Scholars: NMC Introduces Biomedical Research Course

The course curriculum encompasses dynamic video lectures and curated reading materials. Participants will receive a certification upon successfully navigating lecture-based assignments and a conclusive proctored examination.

Education Column/ November,19 2023
University of Cambridge & British Council Initiate PhD Scholarship Program, Welcoming Applications

Commencing in October 2024, this opportunity is open for candidates until December 5. Applications can be submitted through the official website at jobs.cam.ac.uk/job/43145/.

Education Column/ November,05 2023
NCERT Partners with EC to Integrate Electoral Literacy into Curriculum

The MoU outlines comprehensive plans to integrate voter awareness into the national curriculum, starting from Classes 6 and extending up to Class 12 in schools, with the potential to encompass colleges and universities. The revised curriculum seeks to instill in students.....

Education Column/ October,31 2023
Unlock the World of Reading: British Council's Children's Reading Challenge - Read More

This year's programme theme, "Ready, Set, Read," is intentionally crafted to ignite the imaginations of young readers and encourage them to embark on exciting literary journeys. It fosters a love for reading for the sheer joy of it, emphasizing the pleasure of reading and the sense of achievement it brings.

Education Column/ October,25 2023
IIT Madras Innovates Intelligence Platform for Government Funding Schemes for Startups

One of the standout features of the platform is its ability to provide contact details and social media links for each scheme, allowing entrepreneurs to easily access additional information about their areas of interest. Moreover, users can swiftly download comprehensive reports on these schemes, making the process exceptionally user-friendly.

Education Column/ October,21 2023
What is the APAAR Student ID Scheme? Everything You Need to Know; Meaning, Objectives, Concerns

The APAAR student ID scheme is a forward-thinking venture that seeks to create a centralized repository of academic records for students across India. At its core, the scheme is designed to offer each student a distinctive digital identity, which will serve as a comprehensive repository for their academic journey.

Education Column/ October,19 2023
IIT Delhi & THDC India Limited Join Hands for Cutting-Edge Research and Development Initiatives

This collaborative initiative, formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), underscores the commitment of both institutions to drive innovation, create transformative solutions, and contribute to the progress of various industries and domains. The agreement, set to span five years, paves the way for an intensified focus on research, innovation, and technological advancement.

Education Column/ October,11 2023
IIT Madras Empowers Rural Students with Training on Advanced Scientific Concepts, Including 3D Printing

This forward-thinking initiative underscores the institution's commitment to inclusive education and empowering students from all backgrounds with skills and knowledge that are increasingly relevant in the modern world.

Education Column/ October,05 2023
IIT Kanpur Organizes Workshop to Train Students in Utilizing ISRO's Aditya L1 Mission Data

The Aditya L1 Mission by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) is a pioneering effort that aims to study the Sun and its outermost layer, the corona. The data generated by this mission holds immense scientific potential, and the workshop organized by IIT Kanpur provides students with the opportunity to harness and analyze this valuable information.

Education Column/ September,28 2023
10 Agriculture Start-Ups to Benefit from 1.6 Crores Funding by IIM Kashipur's FIED

This funding initiative underscores FIED's commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship and innovation in the agricultural sector, a crucial component of India's economy. Agriculture-focused start-ups play a pivotal role in transforming the agricultural landscape, enhancing productivity, and ensuring food security.

Education Column/ September,20 2023
British Council's Commitment to Education: 12 New Academic Grants Announced

The 12 new academic grants encompass a diverse range of collaborative projects, with most focusing on technological advancements. Here's a breakdown of these initiatives:

Education Column/ September,12 2023
IIT Kanpur & ICICI Collaborate to Ignite Startup Innovation Across India

This collaboration seeks to facilitate joint initiatives between IIT Kanpur and ICICI Bank to empower startups and innovators at the Startup Incubation and Innovation Centre (SIIC) IIT Kanpur with essential tools and knowledge.

Education Column/ August,31 2023
CBSE Publishes Sample Question Paper and Marking Scheme for Board Exams

These sample question papers, conveniently available in PDF format, act as a comprehensive tool for gauging students' preparedness and comprehension of the subjects. These practice papers are available on the official website- cbseacademic.nic.in.

Education Column/ August,22 2023
IIT Kanpur Plans to Host National Open School Quiz Event - Udghosh; registration last date 23 August

For prospective participants, registrations remain open until August 23, accessible through the official website unosq.udghosh.org.in. This occasion holds promise for those seeking to showcase their intellectual prowess and fortitude on a prominent platform.

Education Column/ August,04 2023
UK Varsities Join Hands with IIT Madras for Zanzibar Student Exchanges

Additionally, this partnership includes opportunities for Zanzibar-based undergraduate students to spend up to a year at the University of Birmingham, earning coursework credits that will contribute towards their IIT Madras degree.

Education Column/ July,28 2023
AICTE & Meta Collaborates to Introduce 'Creators of Metaverse' Programme to Empower Youth Become Creators, Innovators

At the heart of this programme is the Meta Spark platform, which will provide an engaging learning experience for one lakh college students and 20,000 faculty members, equipping them with essential knowledge in Augmented Reality (AR).


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