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Thursday, May, 2022
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Blog / May,24 2022
Study In Canada Can Be The Best Option For Your Career

Canada Offers The Excellent Education System With Head To Internship Opportunities With Permissive Government Policies Linked With Post Study Work, Immigration Which Make It More Ideal For Indian Students.

Blog / May,02 2022
Sri Lanka's Economic Crisis Pressures Students Studying In Abroad

Access to foreign cash is so restricted that Sri Lanka is now unable to pay for vital imports...

Blog / April,23 2022
AAP Government Promises To Reform Punjab's Education System

As the AAP government has reformed Delhi in many aspects, the Punjab people expect the same from their leaders...

Blog / April,06 2022
International Education Community's Response to the Ukrainian War Continues

The situation in Ukraine has impacted international students, as well as the organizations and institutions that support them...

Blog / March,25 2022
Study In The UK: Offers Variety of Courses From Best Universities/ Colleges

The UK and its universities are noted for quality academic excellence among million of international students...

Blog / March,03 2022
Parents Need To Be Given More Attention In International Recruitment Marketing

It seems from time to time that parents are taking a lot of interest in deciding along with children for selecting college, career, job, degree...

Blog / February,21 2022
US State Suspended Afghan Fulbright Programme For This Academic Year

The cancellation of the Fulbright Foreign Student program has impacted many students...

Blog / February,15 2022
German Language Driving International Students Towards Dropping Out

The increasing number of drop-outs is a chief problem among international students who came to Germany, especially for studies...

Blog / February,08 2022
International Enrolment In UK HE Universities Is At Significant Uptrend - Report

According to current data released by Higher Education Statistics Agency(HESA) , 605,130 targets have been reached by those who have enrolled for 2020-21 as international...

Blog / February,03 2022
State's Graduation Rate Touches New High, Says Oregon Education Department

It is the first time Oregon started measuring four-year high school graduation level; even though the state’s rate decreased substantially by 2%...

Blog / January,27 2022
Rapid Rise Of English-taught Programs Becoming Important Feature In Worldwide Student Environment

Nearly one in every five English-taught programs (ETPs) is now available outside the "big four" English-speaking locations...

Blog / January,18 2022
International Student's Number Tops in Canada, UK & US; Declines In Australia & NZ - Survey

The count of new international students enrolling at Australian and New Zealand universities continues to decline.

Blog / December,15 2021
Students’ Mobility Enhanced To Study Abroad Post-Covid; UK, US & Canada Among Top Destinations

Once again students across the globe are flocking to foreign universities to pursue higher education...

Blog / December,03 2021
Australia Govt's Advancement For International Education

The Australian Government has recently released the Strategy for International Education 2021-2030...

Blog / November,25 2021
Study Abroad: US Embassy & World Consulates Prioritizing Student Visas

After clearing 62,000 visas this summer, the US embassy confirms that the universities of the USA remain in top priority for Indian students...

Blog / November,15 2021
Climate Change Not Sufficiently Integrated Into Countries' Education Framework: UNESCO Report

According to the GEM (Global Education Monitoring) reported by UNESCO, only 50% of the countries around the globe emphasize the subjects...


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