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Blog/ September,29 2022
How Students From Small Indian Towns Are Pursuing Education Overseas; Affordable Countries & Student Loans

According to a report released on Tuesday, overseas study platform LeapScholar discovered that 57 percent of Indian middle-class families with a family income in the range of Rs 3-10 lakh were sloped to spend on overseas education. The reasons mentioned include the promise of global career opportunities, premium education and lifestyle, and better salaries.

Blog/ September,24 2022
Kajal From Jharkhand Speaks On Transforming Education At United Nations

On Monday, at the UN's headquarter in New York, Kajal appealed at the Transforming Education Summit that Global leaders should invest more in education to develop opportunities for children that will allow them to come out of the clasp of child labour and exploitation. Kajal spoke as a child leader representative at the summit- a key initiative of Our Common Agenda established by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in September 2021.

Blog/ September,22 2022
Emotional Appeals For World Leaders At U.N. To Protect Afghan Girls' Education

After contending with world leaders at the United Nations to protect the education and rights of Afghanistan women a year after the Taliban took over, former captain of the Afghanistan girls robotics team, Somaya Faruqi, broke down in tears backstage.

Blog/ September,21 2022
Five Universities That Provide Scholarships To Refugees and Displaced Students

Education is our fundamental right, but it may be difficult for displaced persons and refugees to secure an education- while they live in foreign countries due to their status as foreign nationals. But fortunately, many universities worldwide are aware of the struggles and hardships that refugees and displaced persons face. Here’s how they are helping them discover their dreams of foreign education.

Blog/ September,15 2022
Top 10 Colleges in the U.S. That Most Aid International Students

Some American colleges and universities offer considerable merit-based or need-based institutional scholarships to students from foreign countries. Students desiring this state of assistance will often fill out the College Board's College Scholarship Service Profile and may also propose an International Student Financial Aid Application.

Blog/ September,10 2022
Digital University Will Provide a Smoother Route to Online Education, says UGC Chairman

Chairman, University Grants Commission (UGC), declared the information at the roundtable- Enhancing Competitiveness and Quality Revolution in Indian Higher Education (IHE). Professor Jagadesh commented that there are around 126 deemed universities in India, and they are already working on the deemed-to-be universities’ laws. Removing the tag ‘deemed-to-be’ needs an amendment on the UGC part. But it will happen for sure.

Blog/ August,29 2022
Can China be Considered a Good Study Destination for International Students?

Countries like China, Japan, and South Korea host top-tier universities and educational institutions that offer a superabundance of courses encompassing a wide range of subjects, especially in the domains such as technology, arts, and medicine. The low tuition cost and vibrant culture are other reasons that encourage more and more students to seek their education in China and other eastern countries.

Blog/ August,26 2022
Biden Announces Big Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden declared his long-awaited plan to deliver on a campaign promise to offer $10,000 in student debt cancellation for millions of Americans and up to $10,000 more for those with the greatest financial need, along with new techniques to lower the load of repayment for their remaining federal student debt.

Blog/ August,25 2022
A Quick Guide To International Bank Accounts in the UK

Many major banks and some online banks will provide a specific student account. A student bank account will help the students to manage money and budget. There are many banks in the UK, so the best way to limit it downwards is to look at what different banks offer students.

Blog/ August,17 2022
Top 7 Career Options For MBA/PGDM Graduates

MBA/PGDM has become one of the most chosen and popular career options presenting various career opportunities in the industry. The demand for PGDM graduates has expanded by more than 120% in recent years.

Blog/ August,09 2022
Everything To Know About Tribal Colleges & Universities

The first Tribal college, also known as TCUs, was established in 1968. The college aims to allow native students to seek a degree close to home at a low cost and create economic opportunities on reservations. TCUs curriculum is based on the traditions, culture, languages, and spirituality of the chartering tribe. Courses are appropriate to the students, to their communities, nation building, and to strengthening their tribes and themselves as individuals, tribal members, community members, and family members.

Blog/ August,05 2022
Can Monkeypox Become a New Problem For Students?

Human life has become so unpredictable over the past three years that anything that happens in this world would somehow affect us first. But, as if, these were not enough to create turbulence in our lives, we now have a new problem to face- Monkeypox. Monkeypox is not just an infection, disease, or virus, it is the worst nightmare that will dissemble student life.

Blog/ July,25 2022
5 Elements To Consider Before Planning Your Child's Education

According to the survey, out of 100, 70 percent of mothers are admiringly involved in their child's education, and 50 percent of a woman's key driver for investment is a child's education. If you also intend to enroll your child in a reputable school in India or abroad, the first plan to achieve this goal is Financial Planning.

Blog/ July,18 2022
NEET UG 2022: Updates & Paper Analysis

According to the National Testing Agency (NTA), the attendance for NEET UG 2022 was approximately 95%, and received the highest number of applications...

Blog/ July,15 2022
Ukraine Returnee Medical Aspirants Staged a Dharna Demanding Admission

Due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, the education of children has been affected...


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