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Research & Invention/ February,13 2024
IIT Madras and Jharkhand University of Technology Join Forces to Drive Innovation and Skill Development

This partnership aims to create a conducive environment for innovation, skill enhancement, and industry-academia collaboration, with a specific focus on supporting startups. Through this collaboration, both institutions....

Research & Invention/ February,07 2024
IIT Kanpur Makes History: Introduces India’s First Hypervelocity Test Facility, S2

Titled- 'Jigarthanda', the S2 facility stands as a testament to India's commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration. Located within IIT Kanpur's Hypersonic Experimental Aerodynamics Laboratory (HEAL), the 24-meter-long facility is poised to revolutionize hypersonic research by simulating flight speeds ranging between 3-10 km/s.

Research & Invention/ February,02 2024
IIT Kharagpur and Ericsson Form Strategic Alliance for AI and 6G Research

IIT Kharagpur aims to contribute significantly to the 6G era, spanning radio access technology, core network development, RF and device technologies, VLSI Design, neuromorphic signal processing, services, and applications. 

Research & Invention/ January,29 2024
IIT Delhi and Rockefeller Foundation Established Climate Sciences and Technology Chair

This partnership transcends financial support, representing a strategic alliance aimed at fostering sustainable collaborations between academia and industry. Together, IIT Delhi and the Rockefeller Foundation aspire to spearhead advancements in climate sciences and technology......

Research & Invention/ January,25 2024
Pioneering Scientific Leadership by the Ministry of Science through VAIBHAV Fellowship

The VAIBHAV Fellowship represents a bold step by the Science Ministry to propel India into a leadership position in scientific research. The collaboration between accomplished researchers and premier institutions is expected to yield groundbreaking results in the identified priority areas.

Research & Invention/ January,18 2024
Ministry of Science and Technology Calls for DBT-Research Associateship in Biotechnology and Life Sciences

This associateship initiative extends its purview to distinguished research institutions, universities, and non-profit Research and Development (R&D) entities across India. Aligned with the overarching vision of the "DBT-Research Associateship" initiative, it garners support from the esteemed Department of Biotechnology under the Ministry of Science & Technology.

Research & Invention/ January,15 2024
Oxford Scientists Commence First Human Vaccine Trials for Deadly Nipah Virus

Nipah virus, with a staggering fatality rate of approximately 75%, has been the cause of outbreaks in various Asian nations, including Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and India. A recent outbreak in Kerala last September underscored the urgency of finding effective preventive measures.

Research & Invention/ January,11 2024
Education Department Introduces Groundbreaking App for Special Needs Student Monitoring

The Nalam Naadi app addresses a critical gap in the education system by establishing a dedicated database for students with learning disabilities. This data becomes the foundation for crafting tailored curricula that meet the unique needs of these students.

Research & Invention/ January,08 2024
IIT Madras, Deakin University Collaborates Launch Joint Research Academy, Offering 30 Scholarships

The Global Research Nexus is poised to be a beacon of scholarly excellence, dedicated to cultivating the brightest minds across SAARC and ASEAN nations. This initiative stands as a testament to the shared commitment of both institutions to confront and resolve the world's most pressing challenges.

Research & Invention/ January,01 2024
Senior Research Fellow Position Open at National Institute Of Technology

The last date to submit applications is January 15, 2024. The selected candidate will receive a monthly salary of ?42,000.

Research & Invention/ December,28 2023
IIT Madras and IIT Mandi Researchers Utilize Plant Cells to Develop Anti-Cancer Drug

This cutting-edge approach holds immense potential in substantially enhancing the yield of Camptothecin, a critical alkaloid instrumental in combating cancer. It's noteworthy that Camptothecin finds its primary source in Nothapodytes nimmoniana, an endangered plant species indigenous to India.

Research & Invention/ December,22 2023
IIT Guwahati Researchers Made New Model for In-Depth Insight into Water Flow Dynamics in Braided Rivers

The main objective of this endeavor is to empower engineers with comprehensive insights to design sustainable structures for safeguarding river banks. With a particular focus on the Brahmaputra River near Majuli Island, a region profoundly affected by river bank erosion, this model stands to offer critical solutions.

Research & Invention/ December,17 2023
IIT Kanpur Indian Navy Join Hands to Foster Technology Development

The MoU envisioned as a comprehensive framework, paves the way for mutual capacity enhancement, with a strong focus on tackling real-world challenges through innovation. It sets the stage for a symbiotic exchange, facilitating the deployment of innovative solutions and elevating training methodologies. Moreover, the agreement fosters knowledge exchange by facilitating the interchange of faculty and guest lectures, promoting a robust academic environment conducive to breakthroughs.

Research & Invention/ December,06 2023
Transforming UTI Detection: India-UK Collaboration to Combat Antibiotic Resistance

This groundbreaking project- DOSA2, spearheaded by the University of Edinburgh, brings together five leading academic institutions, including the University of the Arts London, Silchar Medical College, Assam University, and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. DOSA2 focuses on developing advanced diagnostic technologies to address the rising concerns of AMR.

Research & Invention/ November,30 2023
Charting India's Energy Future: IIT Roorkee's Study on Advanced Grid-Scale Energy Storage

The study highlights pivotal elements of the power sector, underlining the urgent need for a resilient and sustainable energy landscape in India. It offers actionable insights that aim to reinforce the integration of renewable energy sources and optimize grid-scale energy storage efficiency, aligning with India's ambitious renewable energy objectives.

Research & Invention/ November,23 2023
IISc Partners with Mercedes-Benz for Advanced Research Collaboration, Signs MoU

This alliance, centered on tackling global challenges locally, seeks to ignite a new wave of joint research endeavors, talent cultivation, and pioneering innovations. It's set to trigger groundbreaking engineering transformations and propel long-term, research-driven projects. Leveraging the strengths of both entities, including their infrastructure and educational programs, this collaboration is primed to push the frontiers of innovation forward.


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