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Research & Invention/ November,25 2022
NIT Professor Dr. S Muthukumaran Invented Cost-effective Rescue Boat

It intends to provide such boats to around 50 orphanages, schools, and old age homes located in flood-prone areas, free of cost across the country. Further, distribution will be accomplished with the support of government agencies, CSR funds, and NGOs.

Research & Invention/ November,24 2022
IIT Madras Researchers & Tamil Nadu’s Department of School Education Collaborates to Create Digital Assessments, Learning Experiences of School Students Better

IIT Madras researchers will use their Artificial Intelligence and data science expertise to develop ways to improve the way assessments are held and the framework for academic material circulation.

Research & Invention/ November,19 2022
From April 1, 2023 Centre to Enforce ‘One Nation One Subscription’ for Open Access to Research

From April 1, 2023, the central government will enforce the ‘One Nation One Subscription’ initiative for worldwide access to researchers. The first stage of ONOS will comprise resources from 70 publishers.

Research & Invention/ November,19 2022
IIT Bombay & Maruti Suzuki Join Hands to Foster Innovation Programmes for Startups

As part of the three-year MoU, SINE will support in outreach and evolution of startups who can be part of Maruti Suzuki’s innovation programs. Maruti Suzuki and IIT Bombay would jointly screen applications and organise workshops with industry experts, mentors, and investors.

Research & Invention/ November,18 2022
IIT Bhubaneswar to Collaborate with Oil India for Research

The research projects will focus on upstream, midstream, and downstream components of the oil and natural gas value chain, entailing hydrocarbon exploration, production, development, pipeline transportation, process technologies, and refining.

Research & Invention/ November,15 2022
University of Liverpool: AGILE Trial Reports on the Antiviral Activity of COVID-19 Drug Molnupiravir

The recent results from the AGILE platform, publicised in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, report evidence of antiviral activity with molnupiravir in a population of vaccinated & unvaccinated participants contaminated with a wide range of SARS-COV-2 viral variants.

Research & Invention/ November,15 2022
IIT Kanpur & Rice University signed Agreement for Academic Research Collaborations

A delegation from Rice University visited IIT Kanpur to set up new routes to work toward collaborative training, teaching, and research in areas of mutual interest. IIT Kanpur already has a Rice-IITK joint center working in areas including sustainable energy, water, materials, and alternative fuels, among others, on its campus.

Research & Invention/ November,09 2022
ISRO to Focus on Research and Join Hands With Institutes to Benefit Society

ISRO Chairman said that ISRO would concentrate more and more on research and development for cutting-edge technologies in the space domain. He said this is going to be an enormous change and needs support. Institutions like Raman Research Institute can link with ISRO in creating more front-end research via laboratories and establishments developed through ISRO.

Research & Invention/ November,05 2022
Hindu College Initiated New Research Centre To Promote Scientific Research

The recently launched research centre is a five-story building established in association with Relaxo. The centre accommodates more than 20 laboratories, specialised multimedia lab, an open-air theatre, a state-of-the-art indoor auditorium, and an 800-seater outdoor auditorium.

Research & Invention/ October,25 2022
BHU Researchers Developed miRNA Therapy For Cervical Cancer

During the study, the team comprising Dr. Samarendra Singh and his Ph.D. scholar Ms. Garima Singh revealed that a human micro-RNA – miR-34a could stop or suppress the viral E6 gene, which switches off an oncogenic cell cycle aspect and kill only cervical cancerous cells. The research assumes the importance of developing a safer and more specific therapy for managing cervical cancer.

Research & Invention/ October,21 2022
DRDO & IIT Jodhpur Collaborates; DRDO to set up Centre of Excellence at IIT Jodhpur

The CoE seeks to pursue joint research in diverse verticals in collaboration between industry, academia, and research labs of DRDO. The faculty members and students of IIT Jodhpur will carry out the research using the laboratories offered by DRDO with academics, industries, and research institutes.

Research & Invention/ October,19 2022
Researchers From IIT Roorkee Developed a Breath-Based Cancer Detector

Breath-based detector invented by the researchers of IIT Roorkee, is a quick, handy, pocket-friendly breast-lung-oral cancer screening device and a person only needs to blow into this device. Instantly after the test, the person can match the color of the substrate with a given color code and understand the possibilities of having breast, lung, and oral cancers.

Research & Invention/ October,17 2022
IIT Madras Collaborates With US Consulate General Chennai To Host Space Technology Conclave

IIT Madras in collaboration with Indian Space Association and US Consulate General Chennai, are hosting a Space Technology Conclave...

Research & Invention/ October,10 2022
Education Ministry Pinpointed Nine Areas for Research Under IKS Program this year

Ganti S Murthy said research in topics such as those in universal sociological models would allow India to display its frameworks to the world. He said we aim to rejuvenate the Indian traditional knowledge system through IKS. Thus, we are trying to promote research in groups and concentrated domains, he added.

Research & Invention/ October,03 2022
New Drug Invented by US Researchers May Turn Covid-19 Virus Against Itself

The drug, represented in the journal- Nature Chemical Biology, overcoats SARS-CoV-2 with chemicals that can temporarily transform the human ACE2 receptor molecule the virus usually seals onto to infect cells. According to the researchers from The Scripps Research Institute, the drug, called NMT5, is likely to be efficacious against the appearing variants of SARS-CoV-2.

Research & Invention/ October,01 2022
Kerala: General Education Minister Introduced a New Interactive Device For Digital Studies

Kerala General Education Minister V. Sivankutty introduced the ‘KITE Board’ application, which is a multi-purpose, device-independent, FOSS-based, interactive device that would enable teachers with hassle-free use of hi-tech equipment in classrooms. The KITE Board also promotes the storage of content written on Blackboard by the teacher in PDF form- a characteristic that would help students unable to attend a class. It also records activities done on the Board using the screen recording feature.


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