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Research & Invention / June,29 2022
IIT Guwahati Creates Innovate Method to Mitigate Acid Mine Drainage in coal mines of North-East India

The "bioremediation" of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) in Constructed Wetlands has been studied in coal mines. This study is the first to show how constructed wetlands can be used to bioremediate AMD from the Northeastern Coalfields (NEC).

Research & Invention / June,28 2022
IIT Roorkee Collaborate With Japanese Institutions for economic and environment research

The joint research of IIT Roorkee will concentrate on two chosen study locations, namely Haridwar in India and Kanagawa prefecture in Japan.

Research & Invention / June,27 2022
IIT Kanpur Creates solar-based root zone heating system

The lack of efficient organic waste disposal in high-altitude regions like the Ladakh region and the scarcity of fresh produce have both been taken into consideration when developing this technology.

Research & Invention / June,24 2022
Four new corals Found in Indian waters

These isolated corals, which don't form reefs, were discovered in the waters of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Research & Invention / June,22 2022
IIT Madras open Human Brain Centre

Students from the institute will receive training at the center for cutting-edge brain data...

Research & Invention / June,21 2022
Indian Army Sign Pact With IIT Madras

The cooperation would encourage students, professors, and scientists to conduct research in the areas of 5G communications and military application development.

Research & Invention / June,21 2022
Researchers at IIT Jodhpur Create a Metal 3D Printer

The Department of Science and Technology's Technology Development and Transfer (TDT) Division provided funding for the project (DST)

Research & Invention / June,14 2022
Dostarlimab, the Cancer Drug That 'Successfully treated' During Trials

For six months, 18 rectal cancer patients were given the medicine Dostarlimab in recommended doses every three weeks.

Research & Invention / June,11 2022
Magical Drug for Cancer Patients

Dostarlimb drug is a Boon for Cancer Patients....

Research & Invention / May,26 2022
IIT Madras Researchers In Association With Harvard University Develop Algorithm To Combat Poaching

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras researchers in association with Harvard University researchers have developed a novel ML algorithm 'CombSGPO'...

Research & Invention / May,20 2022
IIT Kharagpur Alumnus Incubates A Start-Up To Kill Bacteria Inside Dentinal Tubules

An IIT Kharagpur alumnus ProfessorAmbarish Ghosh and his team of IISc students incubated the 'Theranautilus' start-up...

Research & Invention / May,09 2022
IIT Mandi Researchers Discover A Molecule Treat Type 1& 2 Diabetes

The Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi's researchers have recognized a drug molecule that can be utilized to treat Diabetes...

Research & Invention / April,19 2022
IIT Kanpur To Lead ICMAP (Integrated Clean Energy Material Acceleration Platform) Launched By DST

Minister of Science and Technology Dr. Jitendra Singh launched the Integrated Clean Energy Material Acceleration Platforms...

Research & Invention / March,23 2022
IIT Madras & US University Developed AI Powered Algorithm To Enhance Smartphone's 3D Effects

The researchers from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras in collaboration with the US-based Northwestern University have developed deep learning algorithms...

Research & Invention / February,22 2022
IIT Jodhpur's 'Rakshak' Framework To Ensure Smooth Reopening Of Colleges

The Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur researchers fabricated a decision framework called 'Campus RAKSHAK' for educational institutions...

Research & Invention / February,18 2022
IISER Bhopal Researchers Developed Organic Polymers To Remove Water Micropollutants

The Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhopal (IISERB) researchers have developed an organic polymer..


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