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Research & Invention/ September,21 2023
IIT Madras Leads the Way with User-Friendly Heavy Metal Detectors for Soil and Water

This innovation holds promise for safeguarding public health and environmental integrity, particularly in rural areas.

Research & Invention/ September,18 2023
IIT Jodhpur Explores the Potential of Snake Venom in Combating Antibiotic Resistance

The innovation behind SP1V3_1 involves repurposing snake venom's natural antibacterial attributes. Researchers focused on retaining these valuable properties while eliminating the venom's toxic components, resulting in a safe and highly effective antimicrobial peptide.SP1V3_1 operates by utilizing a......

Research & Invention/ September,12 2023
IISc's Scientists Unveils a Potential Breakthrough in Cancer Cell Detection and Elimination

The core of this breakthrough lies in creating hybrid nanoparticles, seamlessly integrating gold and copper sulfide. These nanoparticles possess exceptional properties that empower them to detect and combat cancer cells effectively. When exposed to light, these nanoparticles exhibit a unique property: they absorb the light and convert it into localized heat.

Research & Invention/ September,05 2023
IIT Kanpur Introduces Cost-Effective Touch-Sensitive Braille Learning Device

Across the globe, Braille literacy rates have been alarmingly low. This pressing issue has long posed a significant barrier to the educational advancement of the visually impaired. However, the 'Single Refreshable Braille Cell Based Braille Learning Device with a Touch Sensitive Array' presents an elegant solution to this crisis.

Research & Invention/ September,01 2023
IIT Madras Embarks on Developing AI-Powered Smart Manufacturing Solutions for Small Industries

An innovative aspect of this collaboration involves connecting and enhancing older machines within SMMs that may lack controllers. IoT sensors will be employed to gather real-time operational data, effectively transforming these machines into smart data-driven assets.

Research & Invention/ August,25 2023
Alumnus Contributes ?160 Crore to IIT Bombay for Green Energy Research Hub

Furthermore, the hub will spearhead initiatives related to climate change adaptation and comprehensive environmental monitoring. Moreover, a critical aspect of the hub's mission is to propel the development of climate solutions and foster the widespread adoption of renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies.

Research & Invention/ August,18 2023
Wipro Inaugurates Generative AI Center of Excellence at IIT Delhi

The company has disclosed that Wipro's CoE teams will work in tandem to construct pioneering solutions harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and various other cutting-edge technologies.

Research & Invention/ August,03 2023
Solar-powered Weather Monitoring Station Established at IIT Goa as part of US-India partnership

The new weather station, located at IIT Goa in Farmagudi village, South Goa, was installed recently. According to project insiders, this paves the way for similar installations in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Research & Invention/ July,27 2023
IIT Madras Creates 'MultiCens' to Examine Inter-organ Communication Networks in Human Beings

Working at the Robert Bosch Centre for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (RBC-DSAI), their research opens up new avenues to comprehend inter-organ communication networks (ICNs) and their impact on overall health.

Research & Invention/ July,17 2023
IITM, Pune, and Tezpur University to focus on assessing net ecosystem exchange of CO2 in Kaziranga

Under this collaboration, the two institutions will work together in various research areas. These include studying the biosphere-atmosphere exchange of greenhouse gases and energy and observing meteorological and bio-meteorological parameters such as rainfall, temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, radiation, soil temperature, and soil heat flux.

Research & Invention/ July,11 2023
IIT Guwahati Researchers Created AI-based Model that Predicts Knee Osteoarthritis Severity from X-ray Images

Knee Osteoarthritis is a prevalent musculoskeletal disorder, affecting approximately 28 percent of the population in India. While total joint replacement is the only cure at advanced stages, early diagnosis is crucial for pain management and corrective measures. While MRI and CT scans offer detailed 3D images for effective diagnosis.....

Research & Invention/ July,09 2023
IIT Jodhpur Creates Bio-jet Fuel from Waste Biomass for Aviation Industry

The team successfully designed a reusable iron-based catalyst called Fe/Silica-Alumina, to convert waste biomass into bio-jet fuel. Notably, the catalyst exhibits exceptional acidity and unique textural properties, allowing the production of bio-jet fuel under mild reaction conditions, including low hydrogen pressure and solvent-free environments. Impressively, the catalyst remains effective for up to 10 test cycles.

Research & Invention/ July,06 2023
Two NMIMS Hyderabad BTech 1st Year Students Develop a Drone-based Emergency Lighting System

Pavithra and Trisha envisioned a solution to illuminate darkness during power outages or emergencies. Their research paper unveiled a pioneering concept that harnessed the collective power of clusters of drones equipped with intelligent lighting modules.

Research & Invention/ June,29 2023
Researchers from IIT Roorkee Help Find Gravitational Waves Causing the 'Humming' of the Universe

From the depths of this cosmic choreography, immense ripples ripple through the fabric of space-time, manifesting as nano-hertz gravitational waves. With unwavering persistence, the relentless chorus of these waves creates a melodious hum that resonates throughout our universe.

Research & Invention/ June,26 2023
IIT Kanpur Researchers Developed Planar Trefoil Knot Antennas for the communication industry

The emergence of the Planar Trefoil Knot Antennas marks a remarkable leap forward in communication technology, presenting a wide array of possibilities. One of its standout features is the antenna's capability to produce omnidirectional and directional patterns. It can emit or capture signals in a 360° horizontal plane or concentrate energy in a specific direction, offering unprecedented versatility.

Research & Invention/ June,21 2023
IIT Roorkee Researchers Developed Water-soluble Coating to Substitute Plastic in Disposable Paper

The development of the water-soluble coating by IIT Roorkee marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to address environmental hazards and make a positive impact on waste management.


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