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Notice Board on Important Dates/ September,22 2023
UPTAC 2023: Counselling round 2 BTech, BArch seat allotment result released

Candidates can check the seat allotment result by visiting the official website- uptac.admissions.nic.in.

Notice Board on Important Dates/ September,15 2023
Engineers' Day 2023: Empowering Dreams, Engineering Reality

The significance of Engineer's Day extends beyond merely celebrating the birth of a remarkable individual. It serves as a reminder of the role engineers play in shaping the world we live in. Engineers are the architects of modern society, designing and building everything from bridges and buildings to cutting-edge technology.

Notice Board on Important Dates/ September,05 2023
Celebrating the Pillars of Wisdom: Teacher's Day 2023

The theme for Teacher's Day this year 2023, is- Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery.

Notice Board on Important Dates/ August,15 2023
India's 77th Independence Day: Embracing Unity & Prioritizing the Nation's Progress

A distinctive theme, "Nation First, Always First," has been chosen to embody the spirit of this year's Independence Day. This theme resonates with a solemn call to action, reaching out to every Indian with a resounding message: irrespective of individual disparities, the paramount priority is the nation itself.

Notice Board on Important Dates/ June,21 2023
Celebrating Yoga Day 2023: Embracing Mind, Body, and Soul Harmony

Yoga is more than just physical postures or asanas. It is a holistic system that unifies the mind, body, and soul. The word "yoga" itself means "union" or "to join." Through yoga, individuals strive to find harmony within themselves and establish a deeper connection with the world around them.

Notice Board on Important Dates/ June,05 2023
June 5: World Environment Day 2023; Theme and Significance

The 2023 theme for World Environment Day on June 5, 2023, will concentrate on solutions and measures to plastic pollution under the campaign #BeatPlasticPollution. World Environment Day 2023 will showcase how nations, governments, companies, and people are learning to utilize material more sustainably, delivering hope that one day, plastic pollution will be history.

Notice Board on Important Dates/ May,17 2023
May 17: World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 2023

The world is united despite being geographically far away because today, we have the opportunity to connect at any time, anywhere, using technology. Today, the world has changed because of the evolving technology.

Notice Board on Important Dates/ April,22 2023
April 22: Earth Day 2023; History, Theme, Significance

The theme for Earth Day this year, 2023, is "Invest in our Planet", with a tagline of "everyone accounted for, everyone accountable." The earth day theme 2023 highlights the requirement for action at all tiers, from people to governments and organizations, to invest in mother earth and take responsibility for our activities.

Notice Board on Important Dates/ April,11 2023
11 April 2023: National Safe Motherhood Day; Theme, Significance

Do you know National Safety Mother's Day? Did you know India celebrates Mother's Day on April 11th every year?

Notice Board on Important Dates/ March,22 2023
22nd March: World Water Day 2023

Water is necessary for existence, but many people do not have any access to it. World Water Day reminds the world to work in this direction to help conservation measures. According to the United Nations report, one in four people does not have any access to clean drinking water.

Notice Board on Important Dates/ March,20 2023
20th March: World Sparrow Day 2023

he theme for World Sparrows Day 2023 is "I Love Sparrows." These words emphasize the significance of cherishing and protecting these birds.

Notice Board on Important Dates/ March,15 2023
15th March: World Consumers Rights Day 2023

On World consumers rights day, people across the globe support all consumers' fundamental rights, demanding that those rights be protected and respected and denouncing market injustices.

Notice Board on Important Dates/ February,27 2023
27 February: World NGO Day 2023; Theme, History, Significance

World NGO Day is celebrated in over 89 countries and across six continents.

Notice Board on Important Dates/ January,24 2023
24 January: International Day of Education 2023

The fifth International Day of Education will be observed on 24 January 2023 under the theme- To Invest in People, Prioritize education.

Notice Board on Important Dates/ January,12 2023
January 12: National Youth Day 2023

The National Youth Day aims to bring the youth of the country jointly to showcase their skills in different activities to cover almost all socio-cultural aspects of life, delivering an opportunity for young artists to represent themselves, interact with fellow artists, and to further learn new art forms from professionals of various disciplines.


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