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Delhi University Set 100% Cut-Off For First Round, Educationists Appeal Education Ministry To Find An Apt Solution

Delhi University Set 100% Cut-Off For First Round, Educationists Appeal Education Ministry To Find An Apt Solution

This year, a total of 13,04,561 student results have been declared by CBSE for the 12th class board examination...

Sukanya Bharti 11 Oct 2021 12:19 PM IST

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This year, a total of 13,04,561 student results have been declared by CBSE for the 12th class board examination. Of which, 12,96,318 have passed the board exams of class 12. 95% - 100% marks have been secured by 70,004 students of the total number of students taking the 12th CBSE examinations. At the same time, 1,50,152 students have secured marks between 90% and 95%. And 9,200 of them have applied for admission to Delhi University (DU).

100% Cut-off of Graduate Colleges -

Many colleges affiliated with Delhi University have declared a 100% cut-off in various undergraduate courses. Well-known Academicians across the country are saying that students seeking admission in various UG courses of DU are unhappy about this. And the Ministry of Education must find a solution to uplift the spirit of the students looking for admission to DU.

Reputed educationists in the country are blaming high scores attained by the students to liberal marking, which is done due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. On the contrary, educationists or Academicians favor comprehensive improvement and changes in the admission procedure of universities across the country. Delhi University is also in favor of this change. Still, the University respects the awarded marks to students by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in their 12th class examination.

Disappointment Among Students -

According to the Member of DU's Executive Council, Ashok Aggarwal, thousands of deserving students feel discouraged by watching how the 100% cut-off for many subjects has been released in DU. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this year, the examination of class 12th has been canceled, and the marking evaluation was kept quite liberal. Due to this alternative criterion to award marks, many students have secured 100% marks.

He also advised many significant changes in the admission procedure at the university level. It is pretty depressing to see that even after securing 90% or more, thousands of students cannot get admission to their dream colleges. Ashok Aggarwal even demanded before the varsity administration and the Union Education Ministry to assess students in DU or other universities based on the entrance examination.

Now the demand for implementation of CUCET (Central Universities Common Entrance Test) is also growing. Under this, to provide admission to all the central universities, a standard entrance test will be conducted. However, CUCET is not implemented this year and could be implemented from the next academic session under the new education policy. Thus in this situation, while declaring the cut-off lists, CBSE guidelines will be followed by the universities. And the admission criteria in

Delhi University will be strictly based on merit, i.e., the evaluation criteria followed during the CBSE Class 12th Board examination.

What did Authorities say?

The former DU Academic Council Member and DU Professor Hansraj Suman said that due to the pandemic, several schools had misused the evaluation procedure adopted for awarding marks to the students in the Class 12th board examination. As a result, they sent exaggerated performances of their students. Professor Suman is also in favor of revamping the admission procedure in DU completely, and students should get admission in colleges or universities only based on entrance tests.

P.C. Joshi, the Vice-Chancellor, said that many students have passed the board examination with good marks this year. Also, the University respects the CBSE and other educational boards’ declared results. Also if required the seats in the University will be increased.

Many DU colleges, including Hansraj College, Hindu College, SRCC, Ramjas College, Daulat Ram College and St. Stephen's College, had already released soaring cut-off lists in the past. And this year, cut-off lists are going to soar even higher.

This decision has been taken in the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, said PC Joshi. According to him, the University is standing with the Union Government.


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