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Teachers Are Also Protesting With Students On #Modi Rojgaar Do

Teachers Are Also Protesting With Students On #Modi Rojgaar Do

The #Modi Rojgaar Do trend and the complaints regarding SSC and other competitive exams are not coming towards any end. Even now...

Himani Verma 03 Mar 2021 22:32 PM IST

The #Modi Rojgaar Do trend and the complaints regarding SSC and other competitive exams are not coming towards any end. Even now, the teachers are also getting indulged. Teachers are giving interviews and statements regarding the system of the commission and government. They are complaining about how the students and they are facing problems. Recently, there are teachers giving interviews to different portals related to the same.

Before proceeding towards their views and statements, let’s take a look over the problems:

  • Late declaration of results.

  • Notifications released, but no exam held.

  • Selection or recruitment processes take a very long time to get completed.

  • No proper information.

  • No answer from the helpline numbers.

  • Difficulty in filling up the application forms.

Apart from the above given, there are several other issues that the country’s aspirants are facing. In order to help them out, the teachers are now taking a stand.

What Did the Teachers Say?

While giving the interview, Mr. Abhinay Sharma (Maths teacher for SSC) stated that the government is not taking the problems seriously. Young candidates are losing their time and hopes due to negligence.

He further added that the examination process takes too long to get completed e.g the CGL process took more than 600 days to get completed. He said students from the 2017 batch did not get recruited even in 2021. No one is there to prove the scams related to the result.

The government does not have any strict rule for the recruitment process. Students appear again and again in the examination. Also, he stated about the waiting list that there is no waiting list for those who can be considered as qualified if any candidate rejects the job.

He actually termed the recruitment process as “PANCHVARSHIYA”. Yes, the recruitment process for a single examination takes around five years to get completed. He suggests the government to give students the right chance.

According to him, this all is actually happening since 2013. At that time, the system was offline and even after the introduction of digitalization, the problem still somewhere persists. He even gave his own example that he was selected for both the 2013 and 2014 vacancy, and he was in the same situation.

According to him, due to online methods, scams and cheating methods are also increasing. It is necessary to be stricter about the process. He said that SSC is also seeking new ways to make trouble for the students. He also discussed the normalization process. According to him, this normalization process is not beneficial for the candidates who scored full marks or maximum marks. Normalization is one of the major conflicts and students are actually right.

Coming to the Commission, he also stated that the Commission is also not taking the campaigns or trends seriously. They are not replying or declaring any notifications regarding the same.

His Thoughts About NRA:

CET or NRA is actually just 1% effective, according to him. He stated that in the present scenario, this method is actually not so beneficial. We want to tell you that Abhinay Sharma is one of those who started the #ModiRojgaarDo trend.

Apart from him there are other teachers and professionals also taking part in this campaign.

Yes, according to the teachers, students are actually heading towards suicide and unemployment is not getting to an end. After going through it all, we ourselves also tried to contact the SSC Commission through the helpline number, but no one there picked the call or gave any sort of response.

After all this, it can be stated that the problem of unemployment in India is actually not coming to an end. Somewhere the government and somewhere the students are at fault. But still, the fact is true that the government and the recruitment commissions are strictly needed to respond and give solutions to the problems candidates facing either related to job, result or the recruitment process.

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