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Top 7 Career Options For MBA/PGDM Graduates
MBA/PGDM has become one of the most chosen and popular career options presenting various career opportunities in the industry. The demand for PGDM graduates has expanded by more than 120% in recent years.

by Pragti Sharma / 17 Aug 2022 10:27 AM IST / 0 Comment(s) / 45

With time, MBA/PGDM has become one of the most chosen and popular career options presenting various career opportunities in the industry. The demand for PGDM graduates has expanded by more than 120% in recent years. Despite the availability of multiple job options, some graduates are still confused about choosing a career. Here are some job opportunities you can consider:

Human Resource Manager

Human Resource Manager is one of the most heard terms in an industry or any organization. An HR Manager is a specialist or professional who is responsible for the management of the HR department. The responsibilities of an HR manager are to hire and interview new employees, foster an open work environment, collaborate with the other departments in the organization, and create training and development programs.

An HR should be confident and excellent in time management, organizational skills, problem-solving, negotiations, and many other daily managerial tasks. An average annual salary of an HR in India is 7 lakh for an inexperienced HR, whereas an experienced professional has a salary of 20 lakh per annum.


Nowadays, entrepreneurship has become one of the superior choices among the majority of MBA/PGDM graduates. Entrepreneurship is not the same anymore. There is no experience required in entrepreneurship as PGDM graduates are already trained for managing the business, and entrepreneurial skills are developed in due course. Entrepreneurship not only requires an MBA or PGDM degree, but also skills, creativeness, innovativeness, and the concept of being unique, appropriate, and necessary for society.

In 2022, the national average of an entrepreneur is 38,000 per month. An entrepreneur is responsible for creating jobs, improving the standard of living, building strategic collaborations, forecasting changes in business, and much more.

Data Analyst

Data Analysts are in great demand nowadays in India and even abroad. Data Analysts are specialists who deal with the translation of numbers, figures, statistics, and other data into English for a better understanding of the data by every member of the organization.

A Data Analyst is responsible for analyzing and interpreting the business data, communicating with clients and stakeholders, and interpreting sights. The average salary for an entry-level data analyst is around 3 lakh, whereas an experienced data analyst can get up to 8 lakh.

Invest Banker

An investment banker is a professional who proposes financial services to organizations, investors, governments, and others. An investment banker is responsible for allotting loans for business, managing investments, negotiating with mergers, raising stock capital, and many other responsibilities.

An investment banker is also responsible for preparing reports, documents, and presentations, ensuring obedience to legal rules, identifying financial risks, and much more. An average salary of an investment banker in India is 9 lakh per annum, whereas the starting salary of an investment banker is around 3 lakh.

Private Equity

A private equity firm is an investment management organization, and is not registered or listed on any public exchanges. They develop their income from fees charged to clients. Some private equity firms are smaller than investment banks and have a flatter hierarchy, which helps quicker decision-making between company and employee.

An average salary for a private equity associate in India is 26 lakhs according to 2022. A private equity associate is responsible for fundraising, analytical modeling, reviewing CIMs (Confidential information memorandum), portfolio company monitoring, and many other responsibilities.

Information Technology Manager

There are several job opportunities in the IT sector, and IT Manager is one of them. The role of an IT Manager is to take responsibility for the governance and ethics of the business, and the decisions taken by IT managers are based on data. Thus, data analysis is a part of the IT manager's job responsibility.

An IT manager is responsible for duties such as managing finance, documentation, and presentation of the project. The average salary of an IT manager is as low as 4 lakh and as high as 30 lakhs.

Management Consultant

A management consultant helps an organization solve problems, enhance business performance, maximize growth, and create value. A management consultant is responsible for analyzing company figures, preparing presentations, managing the team, interviewing employees, and many others.

The average salary of a management consultant in India varies from 9 lakh to 35 lakh, depending on the number of experiences.

Therefore, there are several job opportunities for MBA/PGDM graduates, but it all depends upon what you really want to choose as your profession or career.

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