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Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering - GATE

Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering - GATE

Cracking a GATE exam is not a tough task; cutoff can be achieved, what is tough is to score a rank to get into one of the NIITs or IITs..

Cracking a GATE exam is not a tough task; cutoff can be achieved, what is tough is to score rank to get into one of the NIITs or IITs and other deemed universities. Otherwise, as per my opinion, it is not worth going for an M.Tech. For that, you need to clear basics which are not possible in a month. Don’t want to demotivate but it’s the reality though. Depending upon your Hard Work and capabilities, to score well, Planning is a Key. In other words, for any preparation, you need a plan to follow and your capacity to stick to that plan.

  • Last 10-year question papers: Last year question papers will assist you to get the taste of what you are going to deal with and give you an idea regarding syllabus and important areas you need to work on. So try at least the last 10-year question papers.

  • Prioritize subject-wise list and topics: Classification of subjects and topics that you are good in and that you do not have any idea about.

  • List of easy ones: List down the subject and topics that you can cover within a short period of time.

  • Time to Mock tests and Revision: Make sure that you have enough time for revision and mock tests.

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a computer-based standardized test conducted at the national level in India. It is an examination that evaluates the knowledge of various undergraduate subjects in Engineering and Science. Gate exam is an examination which is evaluated across India to test the candidates in many subjects of Engineering, Technology, Architecture and PG subjects of Science. This exam is used in many programs like M.Tech, M.E., M.S, P.hD etc. in higher & reputed education institutions. Gate scores are also being used for recruiting graduate engineers. It is counted amongst the most competitive examinations in India.

There are many conditions of this test. To qualify the GATE exam becomes vital is a candidate is seeking financial assistance during Postgraduate programs in Engineering, Technology or Architecture, or a Doctoral program in branches of Science in Centrally-funded institutions. Another one is, for admissions in a Postgraduate program based on GATE score and an Interview round, 70-80% GATE score is mandatory. The GATE 2020 exam was scheduled to be conducted on February 1-2, 2020 and February 8-9, 2020 (Saturdays and Sundays only).

Gate exam has been opened to international students from countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia and the United Arab Emirates. Students also get direct interview calls for prestigious PSU jobs in India with a starting salary as high as 14.9 lakh sometimes.

In the end, all I can say is hard work will pay off.


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