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Wednesday, Jul, 2022
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UCAS joined by PTE pearson
UCAS and Pearson get collaborated to avail Myriad English service on Myriad App

by Akash Kumar / 22 Jun 2022 05:58 AM IST / 0 Comment(s) / 52

By combining Pearson PTE and Myriad by UCAS, the collaboration enables students who do not speak English as their first language to schedule and research their English assessments using the same app they use to look at master's degree course possibilities. Des Cutchey, managing director of UCAS Overseas, stated, "We are excited to unveil the 'Myriad English' feature, continuing to build on Myriad by UCAS as our one-stop platform for international postgraduate students coming to the UK.

For many overseas students, learning and testing their English is a crucial element of the admission process. We are introducing helpful learning content, study resources, and test schedule to the Myriad app through our exciting new partnership with Pearson, one of the largest providers of secure English language examinations in the world.

From the beginning of their research and admissions process, students will be able to access anything they require for their English language test, he continued. More than 200,000 postgraduate students began their studies in the UK in 2021, according to Shileen Costain, head of global business development for PTE, Pearson. We are pleased to collaborate with UCAS International to provide PTE as an English language test for all of these students who need to demonstrate their competence levels, many of whom are from non-native English-speaking nations."Adding PTE to the Myriad app makes it straightforward and smooth for students to take an English exam since they can do it in the same area and at the same time that they are exploring courses, funding, and where to live," she said

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