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Education Minister Pradhan Launched 'Nadi Ko Jano' App

Education Minister Pradhan Launched 'Nadi Ko Jano' App

Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Education Minister, launched the app 'Nadi ko Jano' on the occasion of Vyaas Pooja Mahotsav...

Sukanya Bharti 26 Jul 2021 11:20 AM IST

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Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Education Minister, launched the app 'Nadi ko Jano' on the occasion of 'Vyaas Pooja Mahotsav'. He launched the app during an online webinar which was organised by the Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal on the occasion.

According to the release, the webinar for the 'Vyaas Pooja Mahotsav' was hosted by the President of the Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal Dr Sachidananda Joshi to highlight the part of Bhartiya ethos and teachers in the implementation of the NEP (New Education Policy).

The objective of the app is to collect information related to Indian rivers. The app has been launched under the initiative of research for the Resurrection Foundation and its aim is to create a database on Indian rivers.

The app will gather geographical local, pollution level, and water level information of the rivers which can be easily uploaded by any student.

The Education Minister, while speaking on the occasion, also stated that nature is the first teacher and the teacher's role is paramount in Indian society.

He further added that the main reason for the survival of the Indians for thousands of years is because of the tradition to impart knowledge to future generations.

Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal is a medium to connect past and present to the future, added Pradhan.

For Bharat to become a knowledge economy, the new education policy, creative thinking, science & technology, innovations and logical decision making will help, he added.


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