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Empowering Safety Measures: Himachal Pradesh Introduces 'School Safety' App for Disaster Management

by Pragti Sharma / 19 Sep 2023 19:59 PM IST / 0 Comment(s) / 64

The Himachal Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority (HPSDMA) has taken a proactive step in enhancing school safety by introducing a mobile app called 'School Safety' to assist schools in creating a School Disaster Management Plan (SDMP). This initiative seeks to prepare educational institutions to respond to disasters and emergencies effectively.

Key details of the 'School Safety' app and the associated competition are as follows:

Mobile App for SDMP Preparation

  • The 'School Safety' app is accessible on Android and iOS platforms.

  • It assists schools in developing a comprehensive School Disaster Management Plan (SDMP).

Competition for SDMP Excellence

  • To encourage schools to create effective SDMPs, a competition will be organized.

  • Prizes will be awarded to recognize excellence in SDMP preparation.

Prize Categories

  • The top-performing school will receive a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh.

  • The next three best entries will be awarded Rs 50,000 each.

  • Additionally, the other six best entries will receive Rs 30,000 each.

Submission Deadline

  • SDMPs must be prepared and submitted by schools by September 30, 2023.

  • The prizes for outstanding SDMPs will be awarded on October 12.

Mock Drill

  • A mock drill will be organized on October 13 at the school level.

  • The drill will simulate disaster scenarios such as landslides, flash floods, fires, and earthquakes.

International Day of Disaster Risk Reduction

  • The HPSDMA will also commemorate the International Day of Disaster Risk Reduction.

  • The celebration will be conducted under the banner of "Samarth," a demand-driven and placement-oriented skill development program initiated by the Central government.

  • The 13th edition of Samarth will take place from October 1 to 15 and include various activities such as exhibitions, workshops at the state level, street plays, memory walks, and competitions at the district level.

Promotion of Safe Construction Practices:

  • On October 2, a 'gram sabha' will be organized to address monsoon-related disasters.

  • The focus will be on promoting safe construction practices that can withstand threats like landslides, earthquakes, and fires.

The 'School Safety' app and associated initiatives underscore the commitment of the HPSDMA to enhance disaster preparedness and safety in educational institutions. It provides a platform for schools to develop effective disaster management plans and contribute to a safer learning environment.

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