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Voyager 2 - Once again On It's Way..

Voyager 2 - Once again On It's Way..

The venerable NASA spacecraft is on its way to gather data again; this heading has caught my attention. Just for the excitement..

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The acclaimed NASA spacecraft is on its way to accumulate the data again; this heading has caught my attention. Just for the excitement, I started reading about the news that includes, On Wednesday, NASA has announced after failing to execute a spin maneuver on Jan 25th, two onboard systems remained no longer than planned due to sucking up too much energy and Voyager 2 shut off its science instruments resultantly. Mission team members confidently worked on the problem and their confidence has been borne out as Voyager 2’s science gear back up and start running. The news in itself, explaining the story of human exploration, technology and science that just has started and has a long way to go.


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