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Reforms/ November,29 2023
PM Modi's Exceptional Initiative: Distributing Over 51,000 Job Letters at 'Rozgar Mela' on Nov 30

The 'Rozgar Mela' stands as a testament to the Prime Minister's dedicated commitment to prioritize employment generation. It seeks to extend meaningful opportunities to the country's youth, empowering them to actively participate in the nation's holistic development.

Reforms/ November,23 2023
Bihar Introduces 'Mission Daksh' Targeting Academic Support for Nearly 25 Lakh Underperforming School Children

Under the Mission Daksh initiative, the Bihar Education Department has mandated teachers to provide intensive mentorship to groups of up to five students each. This initiative comes with stringent warnings against complacency, with teachers facing strict consequences for negligence or lack of commitment.

Reforms/ November,17 2023
Amazon India & AICTE Collaborate to Empower Women Tech Students through Skill Development

Focused on advancing women's technical education and professional growth, this partnership endeavors to provide ample opportunities for skill-building and career advancement. Through strategic initiatives, it aims to bridge the gender gap prevalent in tech-centric domains.

Reforms/ November,15 2023
NCERT's Bold Move: Transforming Social Science Syllabus for Classes 6 to 12

NCERT underscores the significance of vertical and horizontal integration across social science disciplines. Specifically, the CAGs - Social Science and Economics - actively engage in mutual exchange and discussion of drafts to achieve seamless integration.

Reforms/ November,05 2023
Karnataka's Educational Roadmap: Future-Focused State Education Policy

The commission's formation was initiated by a government order on October 11, resulting in a 15-member committee responsible for drafting the state's education policy. This committee includes retired ICS officers, professors, and writers. The primary objective is to conduct a thorough assessment of the current status of schools and higher education......

Reforms/ October,30 2023
PM Modi's Employment Drive: Over 50,000 Appointment Letters at Rozgar Mela

This year's Rozgar Mela is being conducted at an impressive 37 different locations nationwide, offering opportunities for employment across various Central Government Departments, State governments, and Union Territories.

Reforms/ October,23 2023
Govt of Andhra Pradesh Launches “Doubt Clearance Bot” for Students

The 'Doubt Clearance Bot' is a revolutionary tool designed to bridge educational gaps and empower students beyond regular school hours. It caters to a range of subjects, including physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, English, and TOEFL preparation, providing students with invaluable support to address their queries and concerns.

Reforms/ October,16 2023
Education App Launched by Jharkhand CM as Over 800 Teacher Appointment Letters are Distributed

Moreover, the launch event saw Chief Minister Soren distributing appointment letters to 827 newly appointed secondary school teachers representing each of the state's 24 districts. Despite challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and opposition hurdles, Soren noted that the government has been relentless in its efforts to drive progress.

Reforms/ October,10 2023
Transforming Education: Andhra Pradesh CM Launches ?100 Crore Program for Skill Institutes

The program's primary objective is to revamp existing skill development institutes, ensuring that they are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern teaching methodologies, and industry-relevant curricula. By doing so, the government aims to empower the youth of Andhra Pradesh with the skills necessary to secure gainful employment or become entrepreneurs in their respective fields.

Reforms/ October,03 2023
Indian Army's Educational Empowerment: Scholarships for Underprivileged Students in Jammu and Kashmir

Education is a powerful tool for social transformation, and this initiative acknowledges that fact. By providing scholarships to underprivileged students, the Indian Army is not only promoting access to quality education but also fostering a sense of inclusivity and equal opportunity.

Reforms/ September,30 2023
Eight MoUs Signed between Ministries and IBM to Enhance Education and Skills

These MoUs signify a commitment to fostering innovation, enhancing the quality of education and skills training, and preparing the Indian workforce for the challenges of the digital age.

Reforms/ September,22 2023
Indian Medical Graduates Gain Access to Pursue PG Studies in the US and Canada

This recognition holds immense promise for Indian medical graduates who aspire to further their education or practice medicine abroad. It opens doors to opportunities in countries known for their world-class healthcare systems, such as the United States and Canada.

Reforms/ September,14 2023
Bhagwant Mann Announces AI Courses for Punjab Govt Schools

Punjab aims to become the first Indian state to offer WiFi connectivity in every school. Within six months, internet facilities will be extended to all schools, facilitating digital learning and access to educational resources.

Reforms/ September,07 2023
Central Govt Approves 10% Reservation for Govt School Students in Medical Education

This novel reservation policy, which takes immediate effect, is set to benefit students who have successfully cleared the NEET examination and completed their entire educational journey in government schools, starting as early as standard one.

Reforms/ September,02 2023
BHU Introduces Raja Jwala Prasad Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program

Besides expanding research endeavors, the fellowship program contributes to the preparation and development of young scholars. It equips them for prosperous careers in academia and research.

Reforms/ August,30 2023
Union Education Minister to Introduce Collaborative Comic Book by NCERT & UNESCO on Adolescent Health

This exceptional comic book has been collaboratively designed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Its central objective revolves around the promotion of adolescent health and holistic well-being.


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