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International Worker's Day

International Worker's Day

Every year on May 1 International Workers' Day is celebrated across the world to honour the contribution of ..

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Every year on May 1 International Workers' Day is celebrated across the world to honour the contribution of working men/ women. The day, also known as International Labour Day, is often referred to as May Day. The day is also celebrated to pay tribute to workers sacrifices in achieving social & economic rights.

The date was chosen to commemorate the Haymarket Affair (also known as Haymarket Massacre) by a pan-national organization of communists and socialists. (In the 19th century, when industrialists were exploiting the labour class and making them work 15 hours/day, the workers of Haymarket square of Chicago fought against this and demanded proper wages, paid leaves and breaks. This led to the victory of the workers' movement and eight hours/ day was decided).

In India, Labour Day (also known as 'Kamgar Din' in Hindi) is a public holiday. The first time the day was celebrated in India was on May 1, 1983, by Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan in Chennai.


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