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CBSE Board Exam Preparation Tips

CBSE Board Exam Preparation Tips

If you are here, then it's pretty obvious that you are looking out for the best CBSE board exam preparation tips. Well, the board exam is just about to knock..

Himani Verma 01 Mar 2021 15:09 PM IST

If you are here, then it's pretty obvious that you are looking out for the best CBSE board exam preparation tips. Well, the board exam is just about to knock on your door. In such a situation and to qualify for the examination, it is necessary to have the best preparation. However, sometimes due to exam pressure and other conditions, it becomes quite difficult to prepare for the best, and it affects the marks of the students a lot. But if you have the right guideline, tips and strategy to follow, then every complex problem will become easy for you and your preparation will definitely be amazing and successful as well.

So, before moving towards the CBSE Board Exam Preparation Tips, we want to provide you with some basic details. The CBSE Board Examination is going to be held from May 4 to June 11. So, if you are also going to appear in the examination, then you must check out the tips and strategies given.

Syllabus is Essential

First of all, it is necessary for you to determine the fact that you must have the exact and right syllabus for the examination. Without having the right syllabus, you will not be able to cover each and every important topic. You can easily get the syllabus from your school or from the Online CBSE Portal.

Prepare A Timetable

Planning always plays an important role in every success. If you are willing to prepare at the best level for your examination, then you should have the right plan. The most basic thing to do is to create a timetable. It's important for you to set the time for your study and other activities as well. Just remember, you should not skip the timings for the delay. With the proper timetable, it will become easier for you to reach your target.

Focus on Self-Study

Instead of going to your friends or group discussions, try to do more self-study. It will help you out in understanding the concepts deeply. Self-study is undoubtedly one of the best methods to prepare for the examination. It will help you out in analyzing and practicing the topics that you have learned in your institutes or schools as well. You should not be fully dependent on the school teaching or tuition classes. If you are not doing any sort of self-preparation, then it will not lead you towards success.

Give Yourself Break

If you have a habit of studying continuously for hours, then it is important for you to give yourself some small breaks. It will help you out in keeping your mind refresh. For example, after studying for one hour, give yourself a break of 10 minutes. But it is necessary for you to be devoted to your study and get back to your books after that short period.

Be Hydrated

It is one of the most important things that students usually forget to do. If you are not drinking enough water, then it will directly affect your intellectual health. It is necessary for you to keep this in mind and drink a lot of water. Try to drink at least 4 liters of water per day.

Try To Avoid Junk Food

You must have heard that junk food affects our brain negatively, and actually, this is right. When you are concentrating on your studies and preparing for the examinations, you should try eating vegetables or a homemade meal. Try to avoid junk food and soft drinks as well. Instead of soft drinks or alcohol or caffeine like coffee/tea, you can consume lemon water or milkshakes.

Do Not Go For Ratification

Rote methods are not at all helpful to get success in the examination. Try to understand the concept deeply. If your concepts are clear, then it will be easy for you to answer any question. Do not just rote the contents given in your books. You should be focusing on what, why and how points.

Try To Solve Previous Year Question Papers

This is one of the important steps to follow when you are preparing for the examination. With the help of CBSE previous year question papers, you will get to know about the difficulty level of the questions that appear in the examination.

Set Your Time Lines While Solving the Question Papers

This will help you out in maintaining your speed. While completing the examination, speed plays an important role. If you are not able to complete your examination within the given deadline or timeline, then your chances of losing marks will automatically get enhanced.

Make Some Strategies To Learn Long Answers

Most students find it difficult to learn the long question answers. In such a situation, all you need to do is to understand the concepts and then make short notes regarding the same. It will help you out in not only learning the question but also writing it in the question paper for it also; it will help you in getting more marks.

Along With Written Content, Also Focus On The Diagrams and Graphs

It is actually one of the important tricks that help you out in scoring more marks in the examination. Along with providing an answer to the question, also try to draw diagrams and tables related to it. It will help the teacher to understand that you are well aware of the concept and know-how of the question.

Learn The Subheadings Of Important Long Questions

Instead of learning each and every line written in the book, try to learn the subheadings given in the answers. If you understand or learn the subheading well, then it will be easy to draft the answer related to it.

Try To Avoid The Social Media Platforms

While you are preparing for the board examination, it is important for you to maintain a distance from social media platforms and other chit-chat rooms. It is actually a pathway to distract you. In order to concentrate properly, it is necessary for you to be devoted to your books and study material as well.

Try To Choose A Silent Space For Studying

Do not study in a place full of noise or crowds. Choose a place that is quiet and peaceful, as well. It will help you out in concentrating more and learning in a better way.

Try To Solve CBSE Sample Papers

Along with the previous year's question papers, it is also important to take a look over the sample papers released by the board for all the subjects. You can easily get them through the official websites of CBSE. It will help you out in understanding the level of the examination and make your preparation better.

Throw Away The Exam Fear

If you are feeling any sort of stress, anxiety, or any fear, just throw it away. It actually affects your performance in the board examination. Instead of taking any sort of tension, just start preparing for your exam and keep your mind relaxed. For this, you can also listen to some soft songs to do any fun activity you love.


The right preparation always leads the success in the right direction. All you need is to focus on.

So, these are some of the tips that will definitely help you out in preparing for your board exam in a better way. We hope that you must have loved these board exam preparation tips, and this will help you out in scoring better.

If you are having any sort of questions or queries, then you can mention them in the below-given comment box. We will be happy to help you out. For more education-related stuff, you can subscribe to our eStudentbook portal and can also follow us @Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media platforms.


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