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Chimps & Z Inc. Founders Introduce 'Yellophant Digital'.

Chimps & Z Inc. Founders Introduce 'Yellophant Digital'.

The founder of Chimp & Z Inc. has announced the launch of 'Yellophant' Digital to furnish digital marketing solutions to startup..

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The founder of Chimp & Z Inc. has announced the launch of 'Yellophant' Digital to furnish digital marketing solutions to startup and SME's in India. Its headquarter is in Mumbai. Their focus is also on crafting marketing strategies and not just creative solutions for its clients. The agency will have specialists in these services who will develop marketing and endorsement solutions for their clients based on their different desires. Lavin Raipal and Angad Singh Manchand said, "Nowadays, SME's startups seek to make a grand appearance on digital media. The Yellophant promises that the agency is modeled to function effectively and sustainable with clients' needs at the center. We enable all the essential services that are required to boost the brand.

The founders of Chimp&z Inc have announced the launch of Yellophant Digital to provide digital marketing solutions in The agency will be headed by Preksha Seth.

The Yellophant Digital is formulated as a launchpad for start-ups and SME industry with multifarious services like digital and content marketing, design, tech solutions, media planning & buying, SEO, SEM, videography, photography, ORM and brand strategy. Not only this, but Yellophant Digital also provides a new partnership model to achieve business growth.

Preksha Seth said, “Yellophant Digital is my 2nd venture into digital marketing. It is started with a very simple thought of being a launchpad for the start-up and SME industry of India. Collaborating with a global services agency like Chimp&z Inc to accomplish this thought is just what I needed."

The aim is to revolutionize the way brands in the digital industry and provide growth to them by using dynamic creative solutions and data.


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