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Education System In India

Education System In India

We all know how education is crucial to shaping up our lives. The Indian education system is..

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We all know how education is crucial to shaping up our lives. The Indian education system is one of the ancient education systems that still exist. We are getting multifarious genius minds that make India proud all over the world. However, it is one of the oldest systems, it is still not that developed when compared to others.

However, it has become a major issue in our country. Education is provided by both private and public institutes but education is more about business nowadays. The schools are more focused to cover the syllabus and to educate a student through theory. No such practical things are there to teach them in the real world.

Our Indian education system faces a lot of problems that do not help children to succeed in life. The biggest problem is the poor grading system. It evaluates the intellect of a student on the basis of academics which is in the form of exam papers. That is very unjust to students who are good in their overall performance but not that good at specific subjects.

Moreover, they only focus on getting good marks instead of not paying attention to understanding what is taught. In other words, this encourages getting good marks through just cramming the words.

Moreover, we see how the main focus of the education system in India is on theoretical knowledge. Only a little percentage is given for practical. This makes them run after the bookish knowledge. So, Children should be taught curriculum activities, leadership skills and to do creativity in their own way in particular subjects.

People as parents, should also take initial steps to make their children innovative not to follow the traditional practices of cramming the syllabus.


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