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International: Lockdowns Result In 'Positive' Changes For School Counseling

International: Lockdowns Result In 'Positive' Changes For School Counseling

The move from physical classrooms to offline classes has opened up more opportunities to be engaged with students..

Himani Verma 10 Jun 2021 15:18 PM IST

The move from physical classrooms to offline classes has opened up more opportunities to be engaged with students with activities and academics are being told by the teachers. A lot of time is being saved by the lack of mobility, and in return, it increases interactions with students.

The schools and colleges have come to a halt due to the onset of the COVID pandemic for an indefinite period. Education has seen a backseat in these difficult times. Surviving has become the main agenda for people now that gaining or imparting education. Students from all over the world had to undergo a change in their regular academic pattern. They had to adapt to the new normal way of education, which is through online classes. This change has been huge for students as it is the first time when they are being taught beyond their classrooms.

The Online Mode Of Teaching And Learning -

Students have to learn to adapt to the new online mode of learning. There are many pros and cons of this new mode, but this is not the time to find faults but to accept whatever changes the pandemic brings along with it. We are all bound to accept this new mode of teaching, whatever its cons are. The online mode of teaching has affected Indian students on a large scale as India is a developing country and is still growing in its technological aspects. Some students do not have internet connectivity or devices to which the internet can be connected, but for the rest, online classes are positive for counseling. There are many rural areas where the network is a myth. Students from areas are being targeted.

Although online teaching has opened up a broader spectrum of learning for students. Students who are able to access the internet can sit at home and learn from different courses at a time. Knowledge is easily available now with the help of technology.

The Plight Of Students Studying Abroad -

During the pandemic, the nationwide lockdown has led to the shut down of many small shops and businesses thus, forcing many students to drop out of their schools and colleges. As the daily wages of the poor families had stopped coming, they had to choose between food and education and eventually become dropouts. Education has now become a costly deal available only to the privileged classes. Not everyone can afford online education.

Indian Students Studying Abroad -

Indian students studying abroad are also facing a lot of problems as housing expenses have increased due to Covid-19 restrictions. The colleges and universities are trying to do their best to look after the housing needs of the foreign students, but they are also bound by their government and rules. The student community as a whole is facing a lot of anxiety because of the drastic change in their daily life, their schedules, and their academic plans.

Stipend or Scholarship For Students -

Students who were studying in colleges of foreign countries with scholarships and had to return to their homes for the pandemic are not receiving any scholarships as it is only for students on-campus. These Indian students who were studying in the US have an uncertain career as the US government is not issuing visas to students now, so when they can resume their studies is still a matter of debate.

Is Online Education Effective?

Students' engagement and educational integrity is excelling in the new video conferencing system of education. Counselors have said that this is a positive change for the students. The time which was consumed in mobility is now saved, and the students are able to engage themselves in more fruitful activities. Analysts and professors are saying that for the progress and vitality of US educational establishments, the universities and colleges all over the world are important and should progress. Online classes are in no way a replacement for physical classes; the students are missing out on campus life drastically.

Post-pandemic effects on the education system will hopefully not see a fall in the US as the pandemic will not affect the financial and economic state of the US.

For school counseling, lockdown and online classes have become a boon where they get a lot of time to interact with the students. It keeps the students engaged for a longer time and removes the gap between teacher and students. The profession must be wisely chosen by the students as jobs with the help of heavy credentials are on their way out; skill-based experience is what will gain you more attention and admiration. Thus, learning fundamentals and mastery of high-tech fields is what requires students' focus now.


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