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Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship

Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship

The Union Minister of Skill Development has introduced the MGNF (Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship) to grant academic expertise and..

Sukanya Bharti 16 Feb 2021 16:24 PM IST

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The Union Minister of Skill Development has introduced the MGNF (Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship) to grant academic expertise and technical competency to understand the overall skill ecosystem.

The fellows under the MGNF will also be attached to District Skill Committees which will help them manage the skill development planning through the mechanism of articulating District Skill Development Plans.

The first pilot launch of MGNF having 69 fellows working across 69 districts was successful and the ministry is now expanding to the rest of the districts across the country.

The Ministry is pursuing an academic partnership with only the Indian Institute of Management to retain the standard of academic excellence reputation and drew in 09 IIMs namely IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Lucknow, IIM Vishakhapatnam, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Nagpur, IIM Udaipur, IIM Ranchi and IIM Jammu.

Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship is a 02-year academic programme and also provide practical experience with the district administration. The objective of the programme is to train a cadre of individuals in a unified academic program. Upon completion of the programme, the Fellows will be awarded a 'Certificate of Public Policy and Management'.

The selection process includes a written entrance examination, a case analysis, and a personal interview.


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