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NEET Aspirants On Rage, Hurl Hashtag #PostponeNEETUGSeptToOctober On Twitter

NEET Aspirants On Rage, Hurl Hashtag #PostponeNEETUGSeptToOctober On Twitter

There are multiple reasons why students all across the country are demanding the postponement of the exam..

Himani Verma 27 Jul 2021 10:15 AM IST


The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET-UG is a medical entrance test for students who want to apply for the Medical (MBBS) and Dental (BDS) courses in Government or Private medical colleges/ institutions in India. The National Test Agency(NTA) overlooks the conductance of the examination under the guidelines of the Medical Council of India (MCI).

Why Postpone NEET-UG?

There are multiple reasons why students all across the country are demanding the postponement of the exam. NEET-UG 2021 was earlier scheduled to be conducted on 12th September 2021. As per the aspirants, the recent change in the examination pattern demands a little more time for them to adapt.

The majority of the students claim they just had the first jab of the vaccine, and they even claim a population of them is still unvaccinated, putting the life of future doctors at risk.

What more is new in the NEET-UG 2021?

The exam pattern has been modified yet one more time. The earlier paper consisted of three sections Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. NTA renewed the examination pattern, segregating the Biology sections into a couple more subsections, Zoology, and Botany. The new four divisions will be categorized further into two segments. One of the sections in each will be section ‘A’ which will contain 35 compulsory questions, and for the other team, there will be 15 questions in which the candidates will be given the liberty of attempting only 10. The aspirants will be awarded four marks for each correct answer, while one the spot will be deducted for every incorrect answer.

The lack of the practice of the NEET-UG test-takers urges the demand of rescheduling the examination before one month by raising Their voice on Twitter with the trending hashtag #PostponeNEETUGSeptToOctober.

Why the change in the pattern?

The changes came into account for the syncing of Class 12th, Considering their academic loss throughout the pandemic. Students strategy for the new pattern The students need not change much for adapting this new pattern, since broadly, each section possesses the same weightage as the previous year. There should be possible modifications and suggestions which a student may apply to enhance their preparation.

Selective order of questions:

The new exam pattern demands the students to observe the question before solving it since the question paper consists of as many as 200 questions. The students will have to be very selective while solving the question paper. The optional section, which contains 15 questions, each requires a good selectivity aptitude of the student. The student must observe the question and identify the time needed to solve the question.

The pick-up priority of the questions will be mandatory for the students. Test-takers should also shortlist a few backup questions during this stage to attempt one of the backup questions in case they get stuck with a question.

From where to start the question paper?

The majority of the students giving the examination are not aware of where to start attempting The question paper. At this moment, students are generally suggested to back on. Their strength is in the showdown.

Every student possesses unique powers; the students should focus on the same while solving sample papers for the Examination. As the famous quote suggests: “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle!!!” Competitive exams like NEET-UG, where roughly 15 lakhs students fill-up the form, must focus on their strength and hold it till the final battlefield.

Controlling the nerves in the final moments:

In 03-hour duration test, candidates must divide the time wisely to choose questions, attempt those, and last revision. Maximum duration must be kept aside for solving the papers. The rest of the time has to be carefully controlled for choosing questions, which should be at the beginning of the exam and at least 15-20 minutes for revision. One should not take more than 10 minutes to choose the questions. For each question, candidates should use a maximum of five minutes. If the problem takes more than that, they should leave it out and move to the next question.

Remain motivated throughout the preparation:

Since the NEET exam structure has changed, students are required to change their strategy as well but they must not change their overall preparation since the sections and syllabus are the same. It’s time to be confident of your trial and undergo regular practice sessions to be convinced of the preparation. It is not the time to be tense or nervous but to maintain calm and composure to ace the test. Adding, quite a few times, students also get demotivated due to their mock tests; the game is all up here, the pressure kicks on here, this is the make or break moment for every candidate. Each candidate must not think of the result and focus on the process.

The preparation has been a marathon, and the students should capitalize on their hard work and progress made over the years.

With so much of the digital world around where distractions surpass focus, the tentativeness of date troubles the psychology of the aspirant, diverting their focus from the primary motive.

"A powerful counterargument that the students favouring postponement put into the spotlight is the same opportunities as received by JEE Main aspirants".

The aspirants are supporting the postponement feel. This will be an injustice for them if their exams are conducted as per the scheduled dates. Several students also say their guardians won’t let them play with the unsafe environment of the COVID-19; according to them, the youth travel during the examination will make it very tough to control the situation, and the aspirants who went for shining their future may act as a transmitter. It may be fatal to the life of any of their family members.

The exam will be held in 13 languages across 198 cities. Approx. 16 lakh candidates will be taking this medical entrance test. So, whenever the date finalizes for the examination, there will be all expectations on the exam conducting agencies to ensure the health of our future doctors.

Some opf the tweets are shown below:


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