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Value of Education!!

Value of Education!!

Educated mind is able to entertain a thought without accepting it because education is not limited to classrooms and textbooks..

An educated mind is able to entertain a thought without accepting it because education is not limited to classrooms and textbooks but it takes place in the kitchen, in the corner and even when you listen or walk in silence.

The value of education in our life is known to everyone. The word 'Education' derives from the Latin word 'Educate' that means 'to bring us'. Yes, Education brings up our life. Education is very crucial to become successful in our society. In simple words, Education means the process of earning knowledge. The importance of education in our life can't be denied. Life without education is just like a plane without a rudder. Thus, we all should understand the importance of education and help others in achieving this goal as well. Education not only enhances our knowledge and helps in developing useful skills but also boost our confidence.

Education is divided into three sections: First is Primary Education that improves our base, second is Secondary Education that prepares us for the path in the study. The next section is Higher Education which provides the ultimate path for the future. In the contemporary world, competition is rising day by day and it has become necessary to be educated for getting a good life.

The Government is making many efforts to remove illiteracy by providing free education, free institutes for the people who cannot bear high expenses. There are some schemes which have been launched by the govt. to fulfill this goal.

Education is important not only for a person but for a whole society so it becomes our duty as well to help govt. in achieving the goal of 'Education to All'.


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