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Why Most Of The Indian Students Like To Study In Overseas

Why Most Of The Indian Students Like To Study In Overseas

India currently ranks second when it comes to students who leave the country to study abroad..

Even though India has some great colleges/ universities, India currently ranks second when it comes to students who leave the country to study abroad. In India, it is not just about getting an education but also a thing of reputation.

But there are some, not all, students who want to look into a better option education-wise while exploring another country's culture and lifestyle. Studying abroad not just increase the study options, although India itself has various options, it also enhances one's personality and experience.

The top 5 reasons why Indian students leave India could be as given below:

  • Ease of admission: After 12th, it is easy to get admission in abroad universities comparative to a good/ top colleges in India. In India, even at 90% marks, there are colleges/ institutes where students can not choose subjects of their own choice whereas in abroad it becomes easy with 90% marks to choose not only the college but the subjects of interest.

  • More study options: Another major reason is the more study options for different courses that are not available in India on the undergraduate level and even if it is, there are not many colleges to choose from.

  • Quality of education: The quality of education plays a huge role in shaping a successful career and in India, one can get quality education only if the marks are around 90 percent or more. Most often than not, the students are left with the option of medium and average college where the quality of education is not so good.

  • Emigration pathway: For some students, getting education abroad is also a way to get settled in another country.

  • Better research opportunity: For research fellows, the better infrastructure and support for the students makes it a better option to study abroad. There are some programs and specializations which are not offered in India which also forces students to look in another country.

Although the quality of education in India is not so low since there are so many famous people who have won many awards in almost every field and there are some world-famous universities also. But there are still some milestones to cover for India.


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